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Welcome to NLPworking4u

More and more Businesses are experiencing the benefits of introducing NLP as an important part of their company's Personal growth and development, in educating their teams with new innovative techniques and skills in communicating more effectively to achieve greater results and success.

NLP introduces new techniques, structure, systems and skills into your workplaces, in this evolutionary world you now live in, while you are discovering the great importance of having ongoing advancement of your communication skills. Business and NLP Coaching in the workplace is being acknowledged by businesses worldwide for its value for introducing their managers, supervisors and staff to the opportunities in advancing in many different ways, their communication skills, managing with greater responsibility, Leadership skills, building more productive teams, motivating their colleagues to achieve, Leadership and management skills enhancing staff relationships, Customer service excellence and long term solutions.

NLP can support your business in creating outstanding results. NLP gives you all the tools you need, to know how to do what you need to do everyday that will invite opportunities as to how to have your business being successful , internally with your staff and externally with your clients. NLP allows your team who are your greatest business asset, to enhance their ability and performance. When your teams are performing with excellence, you and your business reap the rewards. Learn through NLP training how to think like a successful person, and achieve successful results, Discover what thinking has been preventing you from having those results in your business or workplace now?

NLP in the workplace has become one of the most accepted and important ways of educating, and creating respect with colleagues, allowing change to take place as the results are created. Begin you knowing of how to always get the results that enhance your working environment, to be a place you look forward to being at each day.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

In the last twenty years or so, hypnotherapy has grown worldwide to industrial proportions. There are over 5,000 hypnotherapists in Britain.

Hypnotherapy is most often associated with stopping smoking and losing weight, but the list of conditions that can be improved using hypnotherapy is almost endless. Hypnosis often provides a short cut when dealing with fears and phobias and more recently pain management. The beautifully relaxing feeling of being hypnotised provides a ‘comfort zone’ where patients can explore their tribulations and the hypnotherapist can assist in helping the client to decide what the problem is, where it came from in the first place, and what needs to be done about it - following these simple steps: 1) desire for change; 2) change in thinking; 3) attitude change; 4) behaviour modification.

Hypnosis is a relatively narrow field of study, to be rcognised in Australia now as a registered hypnotherapist you have to fulfill strict criteria of a minimum of 400 hours study and 100 classroom hours, Lorna is the secretary of the Australian Ass Of Hypnotherapy & NLP Inc PL which is a recognised association. It is recommended that you research the experience of your hypnotherapist, After all, if you are going to become a television engineer, it’s not enough to know how to turn the TV on and off – you should at least have some understanding of electronics!
NLP is an integral part of modern hypnosis.

About Lorna and Jon

Lorna has completed her Master NLP Trainer and Facilitator Certification at the NLP University,UCSC Santa Cruz. USA with Robert Dilts, Judith De Lozier, Deborah Bacon-Dilts, Suzi Smith and Syd Jacobsen and shared with many wonderful NLP Trainers from around the globe, where many resources were shared and lifetime affiliations were made, that will enrich all of our trainings as we support each other in our quest for a worldwide community where people want to belong.

Lorna is an Internationally accredited Trainer of NLP, and Neurosemantics, incorporating Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis, and Whole Brain Thinking®. Her expertise in human behaviour, her working knowledge of the advanced communication skills of NLP and neurosemantics, and how to easily incorporate the Whole Brain Thinking® means Lorna facilitates a process that enables you to get the excellent result you want quickly and with less effort. She is also atrainer in the LAB, Learning and Behavioural skills.

Jon has a degree in Mechanical Engineering, graduating from Melbourne University.

Jon has completed his Neurosemantics Trainers Training, and is also a Master Practitioner of NLP / Neurosemantics, LAB Profile practitioner, Life skills coach, EFT and Mind Mapping. Jon has continued his studies with Lorna in the fields of NLP and Neuro-Semantics learning leading edge advanced communication skills, using these skills in his work and personal environments, as well as assisting Lorna with her trainings and seminars.

Qualification details

NLP Master Trainer (NLP University)
Cert IV TAA4 Trainer
Cert IV Business
Secretary - AAPHAN, Australian Association Proifessional Hypnotherapy and NLP
Neuro-Semantics Trainer
Certified LAB (Learning & Behaviour) Profile Trainer
Master Practitioner Time Line Therapy
Meta Coach ACMC
Whole Brain Thinking Practitioner
Image Consultant - Colour, Style & Image

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