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Nourishing Therapies

Genevieve St-Cyr

15 Edenvale St
Oxley QLD 4075

Servicing area: Australia

Nourishing Therapies

Wish your life didn't have to revolve around your Gut Issues?

I can help through 1:1 support, personalized treatment and empowerment.

About Nourishing Therapies


Genevieve specialises in helping busy women struggling with long standing gut issues which are holding them back from living the energised, confident, pain free life they want to lead. After suffering with her own gut issues for 15 years, she understands how it feels and is motivated to ensure other women don’t have to suffer for as long as she did.

She knows that every woman is completely unique and tailors bio-individual solutions which get right to the root of her client’s issues, blending her conventional medical background with a Doctorate of Medicine with her strong knowledge of holistic natural therapies.

How I Can Help You

The Happy Gut Program

A whole year of personalised treatment and 1:1 support.

You’ve been suffering from long standing gut issues such as bloating, constipation, reflux and diarrhea for many month or years (or are newer to these issues but don’t want to delay getting help).

You’ve tried to fix things on your own and with other practitioners and are so tired of never seeing any significant improvements. You know you need a gut health expert and a high level of support and guidance to finally get freedom from your condition.

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Empowered Eating for Savvy Women

A live 4-week online course.

You’ve been experiencing symptoms like digestion issues, fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, headaches. You’ve begun to realise that this has become a regular pattern in your life and not normal. You saw your doctor about it and weren’t satisfied with the advice you received.

You’re interested in learning from the comfort of your own home what might be going on and what eating and lifestyle changes you can make to boost your energy and banish the bloat and eating overwhelm.

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Not Ready for a program or not sure what is right for you?

You can also book a one off or series of 1-on-1 consultations with Gen.

Why Trust Me?

I’ve helped hundreds of women heal their gut issues over the past 5 years.

Want a taste of what it’s like to work with me? You can hear Dannette’s story of her experience in a video here >

Gut issues are tricky. You need a experienced specialist to get lasting results.

I have a diverse knowledge base in conventional medicine and natural health, combined with my own personal insight into how it feels.

I get to the root of your health issues.

Some practitioners will just try to treat your symptoms. I go deeper and treat each client as an individual with unique nutrition and lifestyle needs to treat their unique condition.

You’ll finally understand.

It can feel so frustrating to be in the dark on why you feel the way you do. My approach ensures you get clarity around what’s going on and why we’re taking the steps we are to fix it. You’ll feel empowered and educated.

Qualification Details

Doctorate in Medicine: University of Sherbrooke.

Health Coach: Graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Yoga instructor: Diploma of Yoga Teaching; YogaPhysio 2-year Immersion Teacher Training with Tamara James.

Registered Yoga Therapist: Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy; recognised by the Australian Institute of Yoga Therapists. Teachers included Sal Flynn, Liz Bennett and Annette Loudon.

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