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Alani Klein

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Alani is a certified Doula offering support for women during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She is passionate about supporting women to feel safe, empowered, healthy and energised.

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Focus areas

Emotional wellbeing Pregnancy support Fear Stress management Nervous system Childbirth



As a doula, Alani offers physical, emotional, and practical information and support. Alani doesn’t offer clinical tasks such as fetal heart checks, blood pressure, vaginal exams or have any medical responsibilities. Alani will also not make any decisions on behalf of her clients.

Alani’s role as your Doula

    • Assists you and your partner in preparing for, and carrying out your wishes for birth


    • Stays with you throughout the labour, birth, and immediate postpartum


    • Provides you with emotional support, physical comfort measures and an objective viewpoint


    • empowers both parents to ask questions and communicate hopes, wishes and fears to birth team.


    • Hands on massage between rushes as needed


    • On call 24/7 for a month surrounding your due date.


    • Homeopathy options if needed


Benefits of working with a Doula

    • Shortens labour


    • Decreases need for assisted delivery


    • Reduced overall cesarean section rate


    • Increases mother/infant bonding


    • Decreases postpartum depression


    • Decreases need for narcotic pain medication


    • Decreases requests for epidural


    • Increases positive feelings of childbirth experience


    • Increases success and satisfaction with breastfeeding


    • Increases self-esteem and self-confidence


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