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Cleanse Naturopathy & Hydrotherapy

Rosemaree Laurino

Lvl 1, 206 Bridge Rd
Richmond VIC 3121

Servicing area: Richmond, Victoria

Cleanse Naturopathy & Hydrotherapy

Have you ever considered how clean you are on the inside?

Cleanse Naturopathy & Hydrotherapy

About Us

We are meticulous about our external appearance and cleanliness, often spending on products and supplements to keep us young and healthy. The reality is that true health, beauty and fitness require a clean, well-functioning digestive system. Regular elimination is essential to your well-being.

Years of poor diet, chemicals in our food, water and environment, insufficient water and lack of excersise can lead to the hardening of waste in the colon. A slow poisoning of the system can occur often resulting in tiredness, weight gain and skin conditions. Over time, more serious conditions may develop such as constipation, allergies, irritable bowel, depression.

Are you experiencing symptoms of a toxic colon?

  • fatigue
  • digestive disorders
  • bloating
  • diverticulosis
  • headaches
  • stomach ulcers
  • acne
  • diabetes
  • bad breath
  • arthritis

Colon hydrotherapy /irrigation is a safe, gentle and effective way of clearing accumulated waste from the body. At CLEANSE we use state-of -the-art hydrotherapy equipment and experienced naturopaths in a private and friendly environment to ensure the highest standard of healthcare. Detox and fitness programs designed just for you to support every aspect of your health and well-being.

Yoga classes also run 7 days a week!

Qualification Details

  • BSc (Clin.Sc), BSc (Osteo), Registered Osteopath
  • M.A.O.A.
  • Practitioner of Osteopathy in the Cranial Field (SCTF of ANZ)

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