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Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonic Irrigation)

Colon Hydrotherapy is a very ancient method of treatment and form of healing. Enemas were recorded as early as 1500 B.C. in the “Ebers Papyrus”, an ancient Egyptian medical document. In 500 B.C., Hippocrates, the Greek father of modern medicine, used colon cleansing to bring fevers down. This remains a valid application. Another Greek physician, Galen, also administered colon cleansing to his patients and wrote about its uses in 200 A.D..

Colin & Olive Harris introduced Colon Hydrotherapy into their naturopathic practice in 1993. They had observed that where there was constipation or impaired elimination with their clients, there appeared to be some challenges or delays in the expected response in regaining health and vitality. When the body’s energies are low or compromised, the ability of the body to heal may be challenged. After introducing Colon Hydrotherapy to treatment plans, our Naturopaths observed the response in regaining vital health was not only made possible, but the time between presenting with compromised wellness and regaining energy and vitality was much shorter. The effects associated with poor elimination may be a factor in a wide range of conditions and chronic health concerns.

Colin & Olive have undertaken training in this modality both in Australia and USA, and are both certified Practitioners and qualified Instructors in Colon Hydrotherapy. Nurtura Health is a registered training facility for this therapy and is affiliated with I-ACT, the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy. Colon Hydrotherapy treatment is integrated into the clinic’s holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

When used by our Practitioners, Colon Hydrotherapy (colon irrigation) is an extremely safe and effective therapy for cleansing the colon of accumulated waste material. Your initial visit will involve the taking of a case history followed by an explanation of the procedure. The colonic treatment itself will take 30-45 minutes. An experienced Practitioner will be in attendance for the duration of the treatment. Heat packs and external abdominal massage may be used to assist in the release of stored matter. You will be gowned, fully draped, and your modesty preserved at all times. No fasting or special preparations are necessary prior to your first treatment.

Nurtura Health has installed the most up-to-date “closed system” Colon Hydrotherapy equipment currently available. After passing through specialized filters, the water is introduced into the colon using single-use disposable speculums and tubing. During the treatment, the water gently bathes its entire length. The water softens and dislodges accumulated fecal deposits. This waste material is released through the enclosed system.

People have found that the positive effects gained from Colon Hydrotherapy may also motivate them to take positive dietary and lifestyle changes, resulting in further improvement of their health and vitality.

From our Practitioners’ experience and observation, there appears to be an increased benefit in certain conditions when a course of Colon Hydrotherapy sessions are undertaken. The intervals between sessions will be discussed with each client and is dependent on the results and observations of the session.

If health is compromised by your body’s failure to eliminate waste, healing may be enhanced by supporting and regaining healthy elimination. Constipation is one of what may be termed “civilised man’s diseases”. It is possible to have regular bowel movements and to actually be constipated. Accumulated wastes, mucus and gas in the colon may compromise healthy peristaltic action, resulting in incomplete though frequent bowel movements.

The following quote was written by Norman W Walker, D.Sc., Ph.D., a learned centenarian:

“Although colon health emphasizes prevention, many people have found relief from constipation, fatigue, poor eyesight, hearing loss, asthma, prostate trouble, colds, allergies, nagging backache, respiratory disorders, digestive problems, gas, abdominal pain, colitis, indigestion, overweight, nutritional deficiencies, hypoglycemia, depression, anxiety, tenseness, and numerous other ailments.”

Bowen Therapy

Where did the Bowen Technique originate?

The Bowen Technique was developed in the 1950’s by the late Tom Bowen from Geelong, Australia. Bowen became a celebrated therapist, regularly treating over 13,000 clients each year. In 1974, he invited Oswald Rentsch and his wife Elaine to study with him and document his work. They are the Founders and Principals of the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia.

Colin & Olive Harris are fully qualified Bowen Technique Practitioners. They have undertaken all of their training, to an advanced level, directly under the instruction of Oswald and Elaine Rentsch. Colin & Olive have been practicing this modality in its original and most successful form at Nurtura Health since 1994.

What It Is and How Does It Work?

Bowtech, the original Bowen Technique, is a gentle form of body work in which the Practitioner uses very subtle non-invasive moves over the muscles and connective tissue. Results may be achieved from one session, however, for some conditions, a few sessions may be needed to achieve a full resolution of the presenting condition/s.

There are frequent, but very essential pauses throughout the session that allows the body time to respond and begin the healing process. The Practitioner may target a specific problem or address the body as a whole.

Unlike many other hands-on therapies, the Bowen Practitioner does not use forceful manipulation. A unique skill of the Bowen Practitioner is ‘tissue tension’ sense, meaning that the Practitioners are able to discern stress build- up in muscles and other soft tissues enabling them to perform specific Bowen moves to assist recovery.

The Practitioner works with the Bowen Technique to address not only the musculo-skeletal framework, but also the fascia, nerves and internal organs. The rationale of treatment is to assess an integrated response to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, and aid in both assimilation of nutrients and elimination.

Can the Bowen Technique help me?

The original Bowen Technique is extremely gentle and is considered appropriate for anyone from pregnant women to newborn babies, the frail and the elderly.

It may assist recovery from many conditions including traumatic injury, depending upon each individual’s capacity to heal. No adverse side-effects have been reported.

The technique should be considered for:
•Back pain and sciatica
•Digestive and bowel problems, including IBS
•Ear-ache, ear infections and migraines
•Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome
•Knee, ankle and foot problems
•Menstrual and hormonal irregularities
•Neck/shoulder problems, including frozen shoulder
•Groin pain, pelvic tilt and uneven leg length
•Respiratory problems and hay fever
•RSI, carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow
•Sports and accident injuries
•Childhood bedwetting

Can I use other Therapies?

A Bowen session by your Practitioner may initiate a cascade of beneficial changes that may continue for several days. Applying other manipulative therapies during this time may interrupt this process and undermine the overall effectiveness of the Bowen work. It is therefore recommended that the client wait a week before commencing any other manual therapy.

Your Practitioner uses the Bowen Technique with the aim to restore and regain balance and healthy function to your body. Clients often report major or total improvement in seemingly unrelated problems that they may have forgotten to mention to the Practitioner, whilst gaining relief from the discomfort of the presenting condition.

Lymphatic or Remedial Massage

In recent years people have turned to massage not just for general physical relaxation, and to release the muscle tension after a “workout”, but also for its relevance to stress management, as an aid to comfort people in ill-health, and nurture and replenish them in recovery. At Nurtura Health we practice Lymphatic Drainage and Remedial Massage as our predominant massage therapies.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Movement of lymph fluids in the body is very dependent upon physical movement, muscle contraction and gravity. Consequently, it is common if the body is sedentary, if lifestyle dictates that only certain parts of the body are moving (eg. sitting at a desk 8 hours a day), or if there is an obstruction to the lymphatic flow for any other reason, this body system may be impaired. This may result in retention of body fluids, in a particular area or limb, or general congestion. Lymphatic congestion often results in increased discomfort in the tissues due to the increased fluid retention in the particular area of the body.

The drainage can be undertaken on a particular part of the body or an individual limb. The time taken will depend on the presenting condition and circumstances.

Under normal conditions, where the lymphatic massage is undertaken to enhance drainage and healing, the session will take 1 hour to 1¼ hours. Essential oils are used according to the desired effect and the individual person.

Lymphatic Massage may be very beneficial during a Cleansing Program or whilst undertaking a Weight Loss Program.

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage is the manipulation of the soft tissues for therapeutic purposes. Remedial Massage is beneficial to alleviate discomfort in the body’s musculo-skeletal system and enhance the function of joints and muscles. It is also part of an integrated approach to activate the body’s healing response, stimulate drainage, increase circulation and general body tone, reduce tension and stress. Many clients look for Remedial Massage during times of mental and physical fatigue.

Remedial Massage has been found to be useful for neck/shoulder discomfort, lower back and tension, headaches, sore joints, and congested legs.

Remedial Massage is often used by our Therapists when clients suffer from “all over body discomfort” as well as for specific troublesome joints or areas of the body. Our Therapists can modify Remedial Massage to suit your preferences. It is often requested to support relaxation and relieve stress and tension associated with day to day lifestyle pressures.

Disclaimer: The advice on this website is of a general nature only and Nurtura Health expressly disclaims all liability arising out of the improper use of the information provided. Nurtura Health actively discourages any self-diagnosis or self-medication. Please consult your health practitioner regarding these important health issues.

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