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Nurturing Serenity Counselling Services

Rick Pietrini

Goulburn NSW 2580

Nurturing Serenity Counselling Services

Welcome to Nurturing Serenity counselling services. Here you will find the support needed to recover from those adversities which limits your potential and quality of life.

Nurturing Serenity Counselling Services


We can help with:

  • Family, couples relationship therapy

  • Marriage support and conflict resolution

  • anger management

  • grief and loss

However can also assist with:

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • trauma recovery

  • violence

  • stress

Nurturing Serenity is an affodable counselling service providing real support to assist with life's adversities. The support is professional and confidential and the counsellor is qualified and experienced in managing a range of needs.

Hi I am Rick and I am the owner of Nurturing Serenity Counselling Services. I have been working as a counsellor for many years now and I can honestly say that my clients have been well supported in many areas of their lives.

My experience includes:

  • supporting families of loved ones who were dependent on alcohol and other drugs.

  • Working and supporting children and their carers in Foster care.

  • Helping victims of crime to recover from trauma.

  • I have experience in other areas of life including relationships anxiety and depression.

  • I also have qualifications in coaching and motivational interviewing. I know i can help you.


Nurturing Serenity Counselling will assist with the following adversities:

Marriage, Couples and relationship counselling: These are difficult for everyone however when a relationship is very important to us it can feel the harder we try the worse it gets. Relationships especially intimate are built on trust, love and communication and sometimes we forget how to do this when our emotions become out of control. If you feel that your relationship has deteriorated or has lost its spark, don't despair there's a lot you can do. Nurturing Serenity can help by guiding couples to develop practical strategies to rebuild their relationship. These are conducted both as single sessions and couples sessions. The domains of a relationship such as communication, trust, intimacy, friendship, love and respect are explored and worked through with homework being a key aspect of therapy. Men and women have very different perspectives in these domains.

Anger: It is easy to get angry when someone disrespects our core beliefs. Sometimes we don’t even know we get angry until we have an outburst. At Nurturing Serenity, we can help by identifying the values compromised and teach some useful strategies to intervene the cycle of rage. Anger can become damaging and life destroying if not managed.

Grief and Loss: This can be one of the most painful experiences a person can endure. The journey of coming to terms with losing something dear such as a loved one or our pet can be long and confusing. Nurturing Serenity can help you through the stages of grief and loss and over time, as impossible as it may seem, you will learn to manage and cope. Grief and loss may apply to losing something important such as a job, house, relationship and finances.

Anxiety: this presents as a fear or anticipation that something painful will happen. Anxiety, which can easily lead to phobias, can be very debilitating and isolating. Panic attacks are very scary and feel exactly like a heart attack so should not be taken lightly. Panic attack symptoms include breathlessness, rapid heartbeat, dizziness and chest pains. Nurturing Serenity may assist with managing anxiety through development of coping strategies and other therapy.

Depression: This is a terrible feeling of tiredness, hopelessness and helplessness. Sometimes it can be a huge struggle just to get out of bed, connect with others or even doing something you had greatly enjoyed in the past. This can develop into a vicious cycle of doom and gloom with no sense of escape. There is relief and hope with great strategies to assist with slowly building motivation and energy

Trauma: Trauma is an event where the person experiences something life threatening to self or others whereby the person feels no control over the event. This could range from viewing a real life documentary or news event, hearing someone telling about their experience of a traumatic even to being involved in a crime, war or natural disaster. Nurturing Serenity can help through therapy to make sense of the experience and begin the recovery journey. It takes time for the mind to exit survival mode and often depending on the severity of the trauma the mind remains in survival mode trying to protect the person even though the event may have happened many years ago. In such cases counselling is imperative for recovery.

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