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Nutrigenomics Naturopathic Centre

Mobile 0418 655 186
Address Mosman Park WA 6012

Naturopathic Programs in Perth & Mosman Park


This six week program is suitable for people with eczema or asthma as well as allergies such as hay-fever, and food allergy or for people with food intolerances.

A holistic approach leads to long term gain. We focus on increasing tolerance which is a key strategy to reduce the impact of ongoing allergic triggers. We do this by correcting the underlying processes of immune function, gut health, microbiome balance and digestion. Instant relief is also part of the plan. 


  • 4 appointments over 8 weeks

  • individualized diet plan

  • natural medicine supplements and probiotics


This program is suitable for people wishing to increase muscle mass and tone as well as those wishing to reduce body fat for the long term. The key to this program is a comprehensive strategy to change your body's weight set-point. Weight loss diets often work quickly but after one year many have returned to their original weight. This program incorporates all of the latest research into the maintenance of weight-loss for life.

The initial phase is six weeks with a supported and guided ketogenic or low calorie diet. Your specific metabolic make-up is taken into consideration to formulate an effective plan for you.

Phase two incorporates diet breaks and maintenance strategies to help you achieve your long term goals.

Please phone for more information 0418655138


This four week program will help you reset your health. Your program will be modified for your aims and current health picture. Each program includes comprehensive supportive education, consultations, dietary plans and natural medicine supplements and probiotics.

Detoxification programs:

  1. Reset your health

  2. Gut pathogen clearance

  3. Liver chemical clearance

  4. Children's detoxification


This six week program will start by identifying your causes for fatigue. Each factor will be addressed and incorporated into your individualized program. The program includes consultations, supportive education, diet plans as well as natural medicine supplements.


This six week program will give you the tools to create a vital lifestyle and diet that will optimise your health. The program includes consultations, supportive education, diet plans as well as natural medicine supplements.

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