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Sunshine Coast Dietitian and Diabetes Educator

Nutrition and Diabetes Care

As a Dietitian and Diabetes Educator, I am able to support you and your GP / Specialist in your diabetes management and help you live your life to the fullest. Whether you've just been diagnosed with diabetes or have had it for years, my objectives are to inform you, and to give you options and a sense of control whilst reducing the potential harm diabetes may cause. 

Being a lifelong condition there is much to learn about diabetes. It can be complex and overwhelming, but management is individual. Diet, exercise, whether or not you need to test your blood glucose levels. How? And what should your target be? Managing the highs and the lows. Understanding medications (tablets and injectables). Then there's sick day management and looking after your feet. 

And all from the comfort of your home. We can even check the labels on some pantry items!

Or we could just talk about what to eat. Nutrition needs change as life progresses. You may like some advice about wanting to lose weight, or gain weight, or deal with gastrointestinal symptoms. Cancer and its treatment, or heart or kidney problems.



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Accredited Practising Dietitian Credentialled Diabetes Educator PhD

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Nutrition and Diabetes Care