Nyima Life Flow Therapy for Women

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Personal Space to Heal Your Inner Being

Nyima Life Flow Therapy for Women

Relax, reflect, rejuvenate, be nurtured with individual attention to your healing needs

  • MASSAGE (Remedial & Relaxation)

Time to focus on yourself, go within and be fully supported to express and renew your heart.

I have been practising Remedial Massage for the past 10 years and in that time have assisted many clients to release their physical pain, as well as helping them to access the underlying emotional connection to their painful conditions. I have also completed training in :
    Hands of Light and Reiki (Energetic Healing)
    Creative Dance & Relationships Communication

As a result of this training and experience I utilize a combination of modalities, working intuitively and drawing on whichever techniques are appropriate and resonate with the individual needs of the client .

Our physical and emotional bodies are very closely linked so I use massage and counselling as the main structure of my life flow therapy also adding other processes and techniques when appropriate.

Women have many and varied reasons for seeking help, ranging from issues with fertility, pregnancy, children, relationships and menopause to depression, anxiety, career/work tension, fatigue and unrelenting physical pain.

As individual as we all are so are our reasons for needing help and support. If you are ready and willing to change and grow then there are always solutions for you and opportunities to improve your quality of life.

Being the mother of three grown children, I draw on my experience of motherhood and also on my understanding of the many changes and pressures that face women on their journeys through life from childhood to menopause and beyond.

My aim is to support you in your unique process of self healing, helping you to dissolve pain on all levels and to reflect on how you can make positive changes towards understanding, accepting and loving yourself while living with more vitality, clarity and contentment.

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Nyima Life Flow Therapy for Women