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Past Life Regression

Explore Past Lifes & Patterns 


Past Life Regression

     When we identify patterns that are manifesting in this reality from past life times you can then acknowledge & let them go.  This allows you to move forward with the experiences in this lifetime that will offer you the best opportunity to grow. 

​     In these sessions I work with you collaboratively to facilitate a safe, nurturing environment to help you explore the source of the things that may be holding you back then guide you to heal this part of yourself & let these go.

Some of the things that can come up include:

  • Past life blockages
  • Past life belief systems
  • Past life emotional patterns
  • Contracts, pacts, promises, contracts & vows
  • Akashic record reviews & adjustments

Available in Person

  • Weekdays (Mon-Fri 10am - 1pm) & Afterhours Ballarat (Mon-Wed 7pm - 9pm) 

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