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Ocean Reiki

Angel Rogers

Mount Duneed VIC 3217

Servicing area: Mount Duneed VIC

Angel is a Reiki Master trained in the traditional Usui method. She has a strong interest in natural health and works with Eastern medicine on the emotional, physical, spiritual and mental body.

Traditional Usui Reiki, Crystal Healing & Oracle Cards, Reiki Distance Healing, Etc.

Angel’s Journey 

Hi, I’m Angel.

If you are searching for a Reiki practitioner, it is important to feel relaxed, and here is something about me to see if you like my atmosphere. 

I grew up in the water my entire life, and I deeply respect nature. My pleasure during my free time is to spend time on the beach and wander around, with large trees and open areas all over the place. 

I consider these places to be extremely calming and to be a special type of energy that cannot be found at the same level of purification in the constructed areas. In these places of natural beauty and strength, I felt like "myself," without initially realising the meaning, my house was painted with both blue and green. I've also always enjoyed crystals, had a curiosity in natural body healing and used tarot and oracle cards for several years. 

A close friend of mine had seen a Reiki practitioner and suggested that I try it, and just after two appointments, I knew I wanted to be one. Since then, in the conventional Usui Method of Reiki, I have achieved Levels 1 and 2 in Melbourne and have accomplished several treatments for my clients face to face or by distance healing.

About Reiki 

Traditional Usui Reiki

Reiki is based on the idea that everything is ‘energy’. As your practitioner, the divine force passes through me and through you in order to promote general health and good wellness. We have seven major chakras which spin energy discs and Reiki aims to restore the balance of these chakras so you are in the best condition and experience the sense of yourself again.

My clients have felt mental clarity and physical relaxation from soreness, discomfort, and illness, a sense of lightness and have liberated their life from their symptoms of stress and anxiety. I hear messages from spirit that can alert you to the root cause of your symptoms and patterns in life. You will also recieve advice from spirit on how to continue resolving these issue post reiki session for yourself.

Please note that Ocean Reiki can work in conjuction with Western medicine, however, Ocean Reiki is not an emergency service and should not replace medical assistance. If you are experiencing severe symptoms please seek the appropriate medical advice.

Crystal Healing and Oracle Cards

The free crystal healing and oracle reading card are all included in every Reiki session that I offer. Crystals have their own vibratory powers and can be used for spiritual relaxation and contemplation independently of Reiki.

Reiki Distance Healing

With Sage and Palo Santo, I still use crystals to purify this spot. Nonetheless, the Reiki treatment will not take as long as I cure the entire body at once, instead of focusing on individual fields on occasions such as in a one-on-one setting.

A thorough Reiki session and support services are provided for each session of: 

  • The use of doTERRA essential oils 
  • Sage Smudging 
  • Palo Santo 
  • Crystal Healing 
  • Oracle Card Reading 
  • Messages from the Spirit
  • Post Reiki Debrief 

Other Services 

  • Australian Bush Flower Essences
  • Oracle Card Workshops 
  • Kundalini Yoga 
  • Full Moon Circles
  • New Moon Circles 

Book now and let your mind, body, and soul be healed.

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Traditional Usui Reiki, Crystal Healing & Oracle Cards, Reiki Distance Healing, Etc.