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Spiritual Healing
Member since
Jul 2012

Ocean Star Healing

Contact Name Rhonda Jurd
Mobile 0408 090 458
Servicing Areas Mount Eliza
  • Are you feeling out of sorts?

  • Would you like to feel more centred, energised and learn how to have strong boundaries so you are less affected by outside influences?
  • Ocean Star Healing

    What can a Spiritual Healing do for me?

    A spiritual healing allows you to reclaim your empowered, grounded, centred self; to feel more comfortable in your body; to create health and wellness within your physical body and to reconnect with your true authentic self. It’s like a spring clean for your energy field, clearing away old, stale energy that may be blocking you from moving forward and achieving your life goals.

    How does it work?

    Your body’s energy field is the blueprint for your physical body. Illness, disease, pain, fear, energetic interference, old traumas and past life issues all show up in your energy field first, before they manifest as a physical issue. By clearing away these old energies we free up your natural energy so you can more readily heal on a physical level. A spiritual healing goes to the source of the issue to resolve it.

    Is it performed on a massage table?

    This therapy begins with you lying comfortably on your back on a massage table. I then sit at your feet and “tune in” to your energy field. As a trained spiritual and intuitive healer, I am able to access the flow of your energy, any blockages or foreign energies, the health of your chakra system and what is needed to bring balance back into your system. 

    Once I have assessed the state of your energy field and chakras, I then use a number of hands on therapies in addition to working on your energy field (beyond your physical body), to clear away unwanted energy, to release old traumas, blockages and to heal any damage to the energy system or chakras. You will literally feel lighter, brighter, more grounded and often with less or no pain after a spiritual healing. I believe we can all benefit from an energy “spring clean” with this type of therapy.

    Are there added benefits?

    During these sessions you may also increase your knowledge regarding how to connect and work with your spirit guides, higher self, power animals, Arch Angels, inner essence, inner guidance, past lives and your energy field including your chakras. 

    All sessions are designed to work around how you are feeling on the day. The best healing tool will then be selected and applied for the best outcome and result.

    Appointment Options

    All sessions in person only.

    I wasn’t sure what to expect, I was a little skeptical at first. I originally made the appointment with the intention of clearing emotional issues relating to a recent heart operation. Each session involved some hands on contact, allowing Rhonda to connect with my energy and “listen” to what my body was repressing. I was amazed at what she was able to pick up. I was able to receive some very deep insights into my belief systems and make contact with some very deep meditative states that I knew existed but had not been able to access before. I always felt I needed to come back knowing the value of the experiences at this deep level.

    I strongly recommend this work for those who seek the truth and have the desire and courage to find it. Rhonda is able to make this journey possible and enjoyable.

    Warren Blair (Sydney)
    Business Director

    Hello Rhonda,

    I just wanted to send a message of my deepest gratitude. Since our first session together I have never felt more alive, confident and safe. The deep meditation journey you took me on where I went back to my 15 year old self and used the power of my Cheetah, has seriously been life changing! I can’t tell you what I am now drawing into my life and the powerful energy I am carrying. This wound was so, so deep and holding me back from my innate gifts and power I have been given. I have employed the visualisation of my Cheetah on many occasions and words can’t describe the feeling I have had over the past two weeks. There is still work to be done with my throat chakra, however I feel more relaxed about this area in my life already.

    Thank you. You are truly a gift from God! Amazing. I can’t wait for our next session together!

    Kirsti (Queensland)
    Yoga Teacher -

    Finding Rhonda was the answer to my prayers. Her manner was soothing, understanding and reassuring. She took me on paths I had never travelled and taught me to listen to my spirit guides and inner child. I easily overcome my addiction with alcohol and I will forever be grateful. It was a combination of faith and trust and skills, or should I say wisdom which Rhonda possesses which helped me understand my daughter and husband to make all our lives more joyful. Rhonda also used Polarity therapy to assist energy flow in my leg effected with lymph-oedema (fluid build up) and Bowen Therapy on my frozen shoulder to give me more mobility and less pain.

    Rhonda has helped me on my path to self knowledge and true peace and happiness. I will miss her greatly.

    Robyn (Sydney)
    Home Maker

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