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Ofi's Aqua Massage Centre therapist on Natural Therapy Pages
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Ofi's Aqua Massage Centre

Ofi's Aqua Massage Centre

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Ofi's Aqua Massage Centre. Remain Clothed & Dry. Come and try .The Detox Far InfraRed Sauna/cleansing your body from toxins and help rejuvenate your skin, a younger looking and clean skin.

Ofi's Aqua Massage Centre

Focus areas

Cleansing Detoxification Far infrared Hormones Far infrared sauna


We invite you to experience the ultimate water jet massage without getting undressed or wet.
The Detox Box/ far infra red sauna it's rebalances hormones, enegises the body, immune enhancements as well as effective detoxification of waste and chemicals from your body.


Massage - Counseling - Detox
$50 per session

Water jet Massage for the weary muscle, Detox Far InfraRed Sauna

- mind cleansing

- unload and explore your unwanted thoughts and change to a more productive and life happier, better thoughts and actions

- Gbu

- solution focus

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