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Perhaps the more traditional ways of healing haven't been helping. If you or a loved one are affected by anxiety, stress, anger, depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), childhood issues, weight problems, compulsive behaviour, phobias, fear of presenting in public, sleep problems, relationship issues - or a situation that feels simply dreadful - please contact me. We can talk about your needs and how I can help bring about the changes you're looking for. Just call or - send an email to arrange a time to chat.

Here’s what others have said …

Healing Stress, Pain
“With Heather’s guidance, the negatives changed. I’m driving in Melbourne traffic without anxiety. I’m sleeping 6 or 7 hours without waking, not needing to get out of bed at 2 or 3 am to binge eat. My anxiety has dropped dramatically and I’m free of “shoulds”. The chest tightness and hip pain have disappeared! I’m lighter in my thoughts and body, more relaxed with family members.” Pamela W, Reflexologist

“I’m more confident, more worthy of love and appreciation. My work is so much better. I’m doing more in less time and finding it easier to solve problems/issues. I’m no longer a shopaholic, which has been a long term problem. No longer purchasing items on impulse. Such powerful work - it’s amazing. I have a totally new attitude. It’s very exciting to be looking forward to a wonderful life.” Nina S, Business Woman

“I had sessions with Heather because I wasn’t able to eat. I was having so much trouble swallowing, I couldn’t face food. She was really sensitive about my problems. The outcome has been wonderful. I am eating really well, more healthily than ever.” Louise F, Naturopath

"My daughter had a great fear of insects and spiders, as well as a terror of germs associated with living things, including our puppy. After working with Heather she looked as though she had had a huge weight taken off her shoulders. Soon she was rescuing ants and daddy long leg spiders in jars to carry outside. Her hand washing stress was overcome too. We never expected her problems to clear to the point of having a snake draped around her neck." Carolyn K, Registered Nurse

“After more than 13 years of conventional therapy, Heather helped me in ways I used to dream about. She never seemed to get phased by any of my “stuff”. She was just like having the ideal mother on tap”.
Jenny S, Environmental Scientist

“Heather’s style is empathetic and kind and she provides exactly the right environment to feel safe and accepted in order to gain the most benefit from healing.” Linda B, Practitioner

“Heather helped me adapt to challenges while growing my company. The relief from anxiety problems was enormous.” Vikki K, Interior Designer

Weight Loss
“I was hooked on Peppermint Aero® chocolate and Choc Mint Chocolate ice cream. I took some of the Aero chocolate to Heather Wilks to work on my cravings. I didn't take the ice cream as it would have melted. We worked on releasing my cravings and found it went to a memory that I would never have associated with chocolate mint flavours. That week I finished the chocolate so thought it hadn't worked. Months later I threw out the ice cream because I had no desire whatsoever to eat it. It's now been at least two years and I haven't bought either since. Not even thought about them. It’s amazing that it worked on both, even though we only worked on one. Thanks Heather for giving me back the power I'd given away to chocolate and ice cream! Your private sessions and groups have made such a difference to me.” Thelma M, Healer

"You have given me so much strength and support. I have not touched chocolate, chips or potato crisps since our sessions and have been making conscious better food choices. I lost 5 kg in 6 weeks. Your work with me was AMAZING. You truly transformed my outlook and allowed Freedom into my mind with some clarity. I love, love our time together." Jodie P, Hairdressing Salon Owner

Absent/Distant Healing
“Tell her she’s the eighth &#&#&#& wonder of the world”.
Husband of client after their child’s behaviour transformation.”AK

“After many months without success with the real estate agent, after your absent work the property was rented successfully to the perfect tentant. Win-win all round, thanks.” JR

“Everything worked like clockwork. We were released from the existing lease, appointed the new lease on the other property – ahead of all the others on the agent’s list. The removalists are here now. Timing worked out perfectly.” MK

"Dowsing Heals” a comprehensive 90+ page book for beginners & advanced dowsers
“Thank you so much for writing your dowsing book. It is such valuable piece of information how you use dowsing and Inna Segal’s work. That is a whole new horizon for me to work with." Anne S, Australia

“I have been a Dowser for close to 40 years, read many books on the subject, am a follower of Raymon Grace, and have taught several dowsing classes. Your easy to read and understand book brought me many new ideas and new twists on old concepts. In short, it is excellent!” Sheila R, USA

“I spent all Christmas Day reading your book. Mankind needs a little boost of goodness, this may be just a nice part. It's time for this book so good on ya for doing it. I hope I can make a difference one day like you have." Robin S, Canada

“As a naturopath, I know that these products do more than just moisturise the surface of the skin.”
Bernadette, Naturopath, Reiki Sekh’m teacher.

"Heather, just want you to know I had my skin analysed and the beautician commented on how well hydrated it was! Your creams are brilliant!" Dr. L Wilson, Practitioner

• The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP) has been described as Hypnosis on steroids. It's advanced, different, fast and it gets amazing results. This process draws on many healing modalities including Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Gestalt work, Parts Therapy and more. It works by changing your core non-conscious beliefs. It is designed to take the emotional charge and pain out of your past. And it can help you to create a significantly happier future. Developed by Queenslander Judith Richards, TRTP is "the" Hypnosis Process for the 21st century."

• I'm also certified as an Intergrative Life Coach by Melissa Tiers (Center for Integrative Hypnosis New York). The training has provided me with tools to share to address the cognitive, emotional/biochemical, structural and energetic aspects that can underlie problems. And, I use Conversational Hypnosis to neutralise the triggers and reprogram responses.

Meridian Tapping
FasterEFT-style tapping can bring you profound results and create deep changes in less time than conventional methods. It releases unresolved past events, limiting beliefs and all sorts of emotional issues. This form of tapping borrows from Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and ancient Eastern knowledge. It is the creation of American, Robert G. Smith.

Pendulum Dowsing
If you feel you need some special help - even “beyond the physical” - I can dowse for you. Dowsing is an ancient technique that’s commonly known for finding/diving water. Ever since I discovered the magic of internationally renowned Raymon Grace's teachings I use it for healing. I work with a pendulum to focus intent, and scramble the energy around a wide range of problems.

I dowse to bring healing to people, animals, relationships, situations, even the weather. Dowsing is a very practical tool I incorporate in my Absent/Distant/Remote healings and commercial transactions. If you’d like to learn how to dowse for Yes/No answers and/or to discover Advanced Dowsing techniques, just contact me about my dowsing workshops and private, one-on-one dowsing sessions. My book, "Dowsing Heals" is packed with valuable information for beginners and advanced dowsers alike. Available directly from me as an eBook or as a spiral-bound printed book - which works perfectly for dowsing with my many protocols.

This is a non-intrusive process from the martial arts. I use it with the wisdom of Inna Segal's reference, "The Secret Language of You Body". It can dramatically help with acute symptoms to bring about balance very quickly. Often there's no need to share your story, only what you're noticing physically.

TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique)
This is a gentle, non-intrusive modality which was developed by Tapas Fleming. It can help you profoundly improve many aspects of your life. This is a technique that works well in person, yet is equally as effective when you’re guided via Skype or even over the phone.

Australian Bush Flower Essences
These wonderful essences, created by Sydney naturopath Ian White, work on the mind, body and spirit to help bring you greater clarity, joy and a happier quality of life. I recommend them for adults, children and animals.

The essences work on the emotional and physical levels. They can harmonise negative feelings and belief patterns held in the subconscious mind.

Reiki Sekh’m
This is a gentle, relaxing healing method which provides life force energy clearing and healing. It helps to return your body back to balance. I provide a safe, welcoming environment to receive the healing benefits. I use Reiki-Sekh’m in all my Absent/Distant/Remote healings and my products.

If you’re not happy about your evolving lines and wrinkles, and if you’re wary about using a cocktail mix of chemicals on your skin and hair, you might like to try something from my range of gentle yet very effective Oh! Naturale skin care product range.

I manufacture these in Melbourne and mail direct to clients within Australia (not overseas as international postage proves too difficult). Each product includes the Australian Bush Flower Essences which provide very special, added benefits. I produce on a small scale and intentionally add the Reiki Sekh’m symbols to provide additional beneficial characteristics. My products are prized by a loyal band of clients who enjoy the benefits of using natural, healing products on their skin.

The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP)
Center for Integrative Hypnosis
The Dowsing Society of Victoria Inc (DSV)
St Kilda Football Club

In person in Carnegie (in Melbourne) 
(near Glenhuntly Station or Carnegie Tram No 67).
Via Skype or Zoom worldwide
Absent/Distant/Remote healings details via phone or email.

Heather Wilks, Director
Oh! Naturale Pty Ltd
email: heather@ohnaturale.com
phone: (03) 9572 2970 / 0414 836 654

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