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Somatic Balance

Celeste Carrillo Castillo

Redfern NSW 2016

Somatic Balance

Rolfing® - Holistic Bodywork

Looking for a long-term solution that brings back well-being, alignment and balance to your body? This is it.

Somatic Balance - Rolfing

Rolfing® is also commonly known as Structural Integration. It is a technique of soft tissue manipulation aimed at the release and realignment of the body, and the reduction of muscular and physical tension. Clients who have tried Rolfing® have reported lower levels of stress and anxiety, more energy overall, more at ease in their bodies, more balance in difficult situations, increased self-assurance and an ability to display their inner selves more confidently.

What to expect

  • Alleviation of pain and physical discomfort.

  • Positive effects on the mind and body-mind connection.

  • Increased body awareness which helps quickly identify and eliminate old movement habits, and find easiness of movement.

  • Greater balance and stability.

  • Improve posture and enhance breathing.

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