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Ondol Oriental Medicine Clinic

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Servicing area: Toowong, Queensland

Ondol Oriental Medicine Clinic

Are you feeling confused by all the advice, suggestions, contradictions on diet and lifestyle and need some support and guidance?

Ondol Oriental Medicine Clinic - Oriental Medicine

Oriental Medicine


Japanese Acupuncture

Japanese Acupuncture provides the deep relaxation and therapeutic effects all in one. It is renowned for its gentle range of needle techniques the Japanese style of acupuncture emphasises subtle and pleasant treatments. Diagnosis and assessment are based on the palpation of 12 different wrist pulses and on meridian and abdominal examination. The needles that are used are incredibly fine and are inserted gently with a guide tube.


Moxibustion is the traditional Oriental medical method that involves the burning of mugwort, a special tinder of dried herbs, on or near the skin to facilitate healing. It has been utilised throughout Asia for over 3,000 years and was first practised in colder climates to bring about warmth to the body and to reduce pain. The main aim of moxibustion is to strengthen the flow of blood by improving circulation and enhancing the flow of qi (energy) and obtain or maintain health.


Cupping uses suction on the skin to create a vacuum which moves stagnant energy from the treated area. In doing this cupping greatly improves the flow of new blood and qi to the area which promotes healing.

Oriental Herbal Medicine

Oriental Herbal Medicine is considered an essential part of Oriental Medicine. It works in conjunction with acupuncture for the treatment of a variety of dysfunctions and imbalances of the mind and body. Numerous herbal formulas have withstood time and have shown to be of great clinical support to contemporary diseases and imbalances.

Shonishin –Children Acupuncture Services

Shonishin is a gentle non-insertion style of acupuncture for children and infants. It literally means "children’s needle therapy". Shonishin is a subtle treatment method for all ages, from newborns to toddlers and older children.

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