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At The Habits and Cravings Lab, we specialise in the online delivery of Stop Smoking and Weight Management programs. This is all we do. Using our unique approach we are able to live our mission to give people back the healthy body their mind desires and all from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

The Habits and Cravings Lab - Online Specialists

Stop Smoking Program

If we told you that you can stop smoking permanently in just 2 sessions would you do it? If yes then read on.

If you’re ready to quit smoking and you are committed and motivated, then our stop smoking program makes it easy.  Most smokers want to and are ready to stop. They just can’t get over the line with conscious will power alone. Together we will work directly with the conscious and unconscious mind (the automatic, out of awareness part of you where much of this is happening) to permanently replace the behaviours and patterns that lead to smoking habit in the first place. 

Weight Management Program

Did you know that sustainable weight management is more than just less food and more exercise? 

When you’ve succeeded on this program you’ll be able to make the right choices, eat the right amounts, be motivated to exercise and have all-round more self-belief (while looking and feeling lighter and happier!)

Together we will work to change the behaviours, beliefs and eating habits that lead to weight gain in the first place. Our 4-week program will work with both your conscious and unconscious mind to clear everything that is holding you back from achieving your ideal weight. 

Other Habits you want to stop?

We are confident that you can work with you to kick any habit or craving. Call us to discuss the options most suited to you.

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