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19 Emma st
Holland Park West QLD 4121

Servicing area: Holland Park, Brisbane QLD

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Open Connections Wellness Clinic - 26 years
Kinesiology Hypnotherapy Counseling Naturopathy NLP Mediation
on line and in Holland Park West, Brisbane.

About Open Connections Wellness Clinic


Open Connections Wellness Clinic

We are here to help you in your personal expansion and professional growth - through clearing emotional mental physical stress, pain and limitations.  This allows us to  reconnect with our inner peace, strengths, confidence.   

As Kinesiologists we are trained to locate and clear blockages on a very deep level, allowing for lasting and profound healing and change. 

clear ANXIETY Depression SLEEP SOUNDLY, feel free, CALM & SECURE, mental clarity, ENERGY,

let go of the past.....patterns, blockages, emotional mental pain, illness, find solutions

Experience flow and ease, natural confidence in all relationships, career, health – whatever is important to you.


About Open Connections

We have been in the healing industry for over 26 years. Our clients benefit from our clinical experience, knowledge and true compassion and understanding.

We never judge - people are not their behaviours!


Our Therapeutic Approach

We assist our clients in accessing their inner knowingness, confidence, strengths and capabilities.  In a supportive environment without time pressures and outside influences we can easily return to our natural state of peace and clarity to enhance our movement forward in life. 


KINESIOLOGY - return to a state of balance and reconnect with your life force.  Mental Emotional Physical Spiritual Bodies rebalanced.  

NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING (NLP) - change your mind and change your life!

HYPNOTHERAPY -  RELAX Lose Weight - Quit Smoking - Enhance Your Performance at Work - Break the Chains of Addictions!

MEDIATION - where each party is supported in reaching a mutually beneficial agreement!  Work out whats really at the heart of your conflict. 

NUTRITION - uncover common food myths for true vitality and health

NATUROPATHY - support through herbs, vitamins, minerals, essences.

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Open Connections Wellness Clinic - Counselling

When the world around us is fast paced, and change is on the horizon, we often get stuck in seeing a 'problem' in a limiting way.  Counselling guarantees emotional support so that we can find solutions that get us fast and lasting results.   

Open Connections Wellness Clinic - Hypnotherapy

Inspiring Metaphors and Visualisations so that you can achieve your dreams.    on-line and Holland Park, Brisbane.    ph 0405 06 9695

Open Connections Wellness Clinic - Kinesiology

Experience the art of muscle monitoring and energy healing to clear anxiety, find the root cause of illness and much more.   

Open Connections Wellness Clinic - NLP

When you know its time for change? Change Your Mind - Change Your Life!   Enhance performance at Open Connections Wellness Clinic call or text 0405 06 9695   On-line or Holland Park, Brisbane.

Open Connections Wellness Clinic - Time Line Therapy

Time Line Therapy is like Magic.  It is a technique that completely releases Negative Emotional Pain and transforms Limiting Beliefs.  Even better - it is easy and fun to experience.   

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