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Anke Koelman, Spec. Nat., MHSc

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12 Bayview Crs Beaumont SA 5066

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We specialise in optimising health and well-being for woman of all ages using a variety of modalities to best address all areas of life.

Women's Health

Servicing area

Adelaide, Eastern Suburbs, South Australia

Focus areas

Autism spectrum disorders Brain injuries Dementia Early intervention Learning disabilities Cancer management


Health and well-being depend on many factors. When a person is not feeling well, there is usually more than one reason for this, for example emotional stress combined with nutrient deficiencies.

The aim of a consultation is to determine:
  • the main cause(s) of the issue or imbalance
  • how best to deal with these cause(s)
  • the best treatment modalities to help the body heal in the best way possible
  • where to start

I use Kinesiology as a biofeedback tool to help identify the cause(s) and I also use Kinesiology to determine how best to deal with these cause(s). A treatment can be a Kinesiology balance, a change in diet and/or lifestyle, nutritional supplements, (heavy metal) detoxification, homoeopathy or a herbal tonic.

Consultations can be any length of time from half an hour to 3 hours, depending on how fast you would like to progress.

Some people want to take their healing one step at the time and prefer short consultations (up to one hour) where we concentrate on one thing at the time, for example diet one week, herbs the next.

Others want to do as much as possible and as soon as possible by addressing all the factors that contributed to their health issue (see Health and Nutrition information booklets). These factors can be: stress, emotions, diet, environmental factors, detoxification pathways, the digestive system, nutritional deficiencies and lifestyle. Sometimes it is best to tackle them all at once because you wont see results until all pieces of the puzzle have been found. Other times especially with emotional issues, one issue at the time works best as it gives the body a chance to recover before the next issue is addressed. Kinesiology is a great biofeedback tool to help determine what is best for the person.

Consultations are claimable from most private health funds under Naturopathy, Herbal medicine, Homoeopathy or Kinesiology depending on your cover and the individual heath fund. If you have Private Health insurance with Health Partners you may be able to claim on 3 modalities for one consult on one day as I will always use these modalities in every consult and they have higher rebates for long consults as well.


1. I first visited Anke in late 2008 after contracting swine flu and decided that I needed to get on top of my poor immune function once and for all despite what it might cost. Id had enough of sub acute infections over the years and several courses of antibiotics and swine flu was the last straw!

I found her approach and knowledge incredible and she listened closely to my story and then she asked my body what I needed. I went home armed with several products and can say was feeling better and on the way to good health in no time and I stayed well for ages.

Since that time, Ive probably visited her another two or three times for various health issues and have found my recovery quick and health restored. As a registered nurse/ midwife, Ive always had as my motto Do what works and seeing Anke Koelman works!!


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  • Diploma In Western Herbal Medicine
  • Master of Health Sciences In Nutrition Medicine
  • Master of Health Science In Biochemistry
  • Level 6 Kinesiology Specialist Practitioner (KSP)
  • Professional Trainer
  • Fully Registered Teacher In SA
  • Diploma In Homeopathy
  • Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Advanced Diploma In Naturopathy

Professional Membership

  • ATMS - Australian Traditional Medicine Society

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