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Optimus True Being

Mandy Wheen

Tascott NSW 2250

Servicing area: Gosford, Erina, East Gosford, West Gosford, Point Clare, Tascott, Koolewong, Central Coast

Optimus True Being
Mandy is fortunate to be an Integrative Therapist, having a unique blend of Occupational Therapy and Holistic Kinesiology skills. She has assisted others towards their Optimus True Being for over 15 years. By being aware of what triggers anxiety, fear, defensive behaviours, pain, discomfort etc, can assist you to remain centred hence preventing others to take your power & pull your triggers. Therefore, the aim is to enable you to find your triggers, your centre, and your goals, to lead you to self empowerment and the strength to be yourself. Are you ready to Optimise Your True Being & shine like the star you are?
Situated conveniently in the peaceful surroundings of Tascott.
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Optimus True Being - Integrated Therapy: Kinesiology & OT

What do Stars Do?...


(quote from "Yvaine" - the Star from the "Stardust" movie)

"Be Yourself"

"Find Your Centre"

"Optimise Your True Potential Now!"

You are invited to Optimus True Being's website to find out how you can help yourself, get tips on health & wellbeing, find out when "mind your body" optimising relaxation is on, and many healthy and simple recipes... or click on the link (top left) for full details of services provided

BSc(Hons) - Occupational Therapy
Adv Dip - Integrated Complementary Medicine
Dip - Kinesiology
Dip - Mind Body Medicine
Dip - The Clinical Science of Biochemic Therapy (
Certificate - Institute of Biochemic Medicine Facial Diagnostics
Level 2 - Dr Bach Flower Remedies
Living Passion & Purpose Practitioner
Reiki in the first degree


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