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Mandy Wheen

Optimus True Being

Tascott NSW 2250

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Let's restore Calm and Comfort to your mind and body the "easy" way with me, Kin"easy"ologist Mandy.  I carefully hold the nurturing space to support you and your family's discovery of inner calm.  Together we choose which of my most cherished techniques can help you most, out of my 20years collection in practising health (of Occupational Therapy and Holistic Kinesiology).  I love helping families find their own magical sense of calm when all around is going nuts!  After all, with a calm centre; our body and mind can work together to regain health and flow in life; feel self empowered; and have the strength to be ourselves and regain enjoyment in life. I'd love to work with you on this special journey of discovery.  Book in to come see me in the peaceful surroundings of Tascott, Central Coast to find your own shining centre!

Optimus True Being - Integrated Therapy: Kinesiology & OT

Servicing area

Gosford, Erina, East Gosford, West Gosford, Point Clare, Tascott, Koolewong, Central Coast

Focus areas

Joy Love Stress management Well-being Complementary

Restore Calm and Comfort to your mind and body with Kinesiology

Let's regain fulfillment in life as you and your family find comfort being your true selves...

Sounds easy doesn’t it?!  Well… I guess it's like anything in life, you get out what you put in.  Good news... Excuse the pun, but with the help of Kin"easy"ology it makes the whole process smoother to fully enjoy life!  ;)

We are the only ones who truly know ourselves, and hidden inside our bodies are the answers to how we can be the best we can be…
The trick is to listen and pay attention to the whispers… to avoid the need for our body to SHOUT it’s need (and result in discomfort)!!!  And to find consolidating ways of staying within our centres and reduce external stressors that may try to knock us off our comfortable centres.
I love helping families find their inner calm to enjoy life, by guiding and supporting you all with Holistic Kinesiology and Integrated Therapy to restore your calm centres in whatever situation.

You are invited to my website to find out how to feel calm and comfortable overall, and reduce that negative thought downward spiral!  There are tips to continue to help yourself in between sessions to restore your health & wellbeing.  Join my "well-being seekers" family to receive monthly newsletters with tips and tricks to staying calm and centred when all around is going nuts! or click on the link (top left) for full details of how we can work together for you to feel like a calm human being once more!

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