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Relieve your Aches and Pains or Simply Rejuvenate your Body, with a Professional Acupuncture Consultation & Treatment.

Oriental Wisdom - Fertility & Women's Health Services

Reproductive Health and Fertility

Oriental medicine is beneficial for many aspects of women's health including reproductive health and fertility, pregnancy and post birth support, and menopause relief. Natural Fertility

Oriental medicine understands the cycles within women's lives. One cycle is identified as the cycle of seven and according to this cycle a woman should begin her menstrual cycle around the age of 14 years and complete menstruation, enter menopause, around 49 years of age.

Many menstrual problems (such as menstrual irregularity, menstrual pain or endometriosis, PMS, PCOS and thrush to name but a few) are now considered to be a "normal" part our monthly cycle. However, just because it has become the norm does not mean that it is a normal or a healthy way to be.

Oriental medicine can help bring you back into harmony with your natural cycles and once your menstrual cycle is regulated many other cycles will fall into place more easily including fertility or natural contraception.

Healthy couples produce healthy babies and you deserve to start your family in the best possible hands. Preconception care using oriental medicine can address many menstrual problems for women as well as improve male reproductive function. The success rates of IVF can be greatly increased using researched acupuncture protocols before and after embryo transfer as well as during the whole IVF cycle.


Many clients have found that acupuncture during pregnancy offers drug free relief for numerous conditions including threatened miscarriage, morning sickness , heartburn, colds and flu, oedema, sciatica and back pain. Treatments at 12 and 24 weeks are also important to help keep mother and baby strong and healthy if no other health problems arise.

Pre-Birth Acupuncture

Pre-birth acupuncture is a series of treatments starting at 36 weeks to help prepare you for labour and often results in a shorter, less stressful and more natural childbirth. Treatments can also turn breach and posterior babies (ideally at 34 weeks) and induce labour when your baby is overdue.

Postnatal Support

Postnatal support is important for both mother and child particularly if the labour required any form of medical intervention. Oriental medicine treats conditions such as perineal discomfort, breast-feeding problems (insufficient lactation and mastitis) and minor postnatal depression. In addition, acupuncture is excellent for helping you restore the energy you expend in your new role as a parent.


Oriental medicine can help women suffering from the most common symptoms of menopause. It can curb the severity of hot flushes and night sweats as well as relieve mood swings. A simple course of 6 weekly treatments with follow up monthly maintenance does wonders to ease your journey into this new cycle in your life.


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