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Kate Doak

230 Nepean Hwy
Edithvale VIC 3196

Servicing area: Waterways, Aspendale Gardens, Edithvale, Keysbough, Braeside


The Power of Knowledge Heals:

Find out how an experienced osteopath can help you heal and understand your body better

About OsteoActive & Osteopathy in Edithvale

The OsteoActive Advantages

Personalised Treatment

You will receive a complete and comprehensive individualised treatment.

Registered Therapists

Your treatments will be performed by highly qualified and experienced licensed therapists.

Therapy Goals

You will realise successful outcomes through proper goal setting.

Comfortable Clinic

You will experience a next-level comfort comparable to high-quality health and fitness centres.

Practitioners Network

You will gain considerable benefits of us working closely with all of your healthcare practitioners.

Committed to Ongoing Education

You will be taken care of by a highly qualified therapist who is in constant pursuit of knowledge and innovation. 

Who Will Be Your Osteopath?

My name is Kate Doak, and I will be your osteopath. In 1995, I graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Osteopathy at RMIT, a five-year university course.

Since then, I have worked in various Osteopathic clinics including my own practice: Windsor Osteopathy, Berwick Osteopathy, Arcadia Health, mHealth and Waterways Osteopathy. In these clinics, I have worked closely with GPs, Physiotherapists, Naturopaths, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Masseurs, and Pilates instructors.

My healthcare training also includes dry needling techniques. I have also completed the APPI Clinical Pilates Equipment course. By working closely with a wide range of practitioners throughout my career, I have come to understand the importance of co-treating patients when there are complex issues involved. Through this synergy, you can gain better results.

A Passion For Knowledge & Healing

My passion has always been helping improve people’s health and well-being by treating acute and chronic injuries to the body through osteopathy. I developed this from my curiosity about the complexities of the human body and how osteopathy’s holistic approach can help heal it.

I have always been interested in understanding how one region in dysfunction can result in problems elsewhere in the body. Thus, I have learned that treatment is not just treating the site of pain or disease but addressing all contributing factors which lead to better outcomes for you.

My areas of focus are in complex pelvic/lower back dysfunctions and scoliosis as well as neck and whiplash injuries.

Throughout my decades of training and career, I have found that I do not only want to treat you to relieve pain. I also want to educate you in your own self-management and ultimately educate you to understand your body more because I believe that knowledge is power.

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Qualification Details

Graduate of Bachelor of Applied Science in Osteopathy at RMIT in 1995
Member, Osteopathy Australia
Completed the APPI Clinical Pilates Equipment course
Trained in Dry Needling Techniques

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