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Our Seahorse Wellbeing Centre

Our Seahorse Wellbeing Centre

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The Seahorse Well Being Centre where we enhance your mind, indulge your body and embrace your spirit

Our Seahorse Wellbeing Centre

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Bacchus Marsh, Victoria

Focus areas

Growth Pregnancy support Manual lymphatic drainage Anxiety Stress management Physical health


Counselling provides people with the opportunity to talk about their thoughts and feelings in a place where you are not going to be judged. It allows individuals to figure out problematic areas within their lives and get in touch with what they are truly passionate about. Effective counselling enables people to live the life they deserve and want and not the life other people think they should have. Counselling equips people to live a more authentic and real life. It helps to develop new skills and tools for living in order to promote a life of joy, love, laughter and true happiness.


Crystals are powerful naturally occurring substances that have been used by ancient civilisations for healing and are renowned for their mystical energies. The growth in popularity of crystals in recent years simply reflects the necessary resurgence of that ancient way of knowing. Working with crystals stimulates the innate intelligence which we all possess and which breathes so much life and enjoyment into our everyday life.


Is an age old remedy that has been recently revived. Ear candling may assist and relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety to help achieve relaxation.


Kinesiology began over 35 years ago when American Chiropractors adopted Chinese medicine into their practices. Kinesiology literally means the study of movement and with its technique of bio-feedback, allows the body to prioritise which stress to eliminate first to bring about the ultimate goal of wellness.

Kinesiology is a non-evasive energetic healing science. It can be experienced fully clothed, is very gentle and to the uninitiated, can be a slightly perplexing experience. Yet profound changes to emotional, mental and physical health are often reported after just one treatment.


The Seahorse is currently offering classes in Guided Meditation. In these groups you will learn principles and practice to enable you to begin to address your life and issues in it. Come along and develop personal empowerment, leading to enlightenment. Thursday evenings at 7pm.


Spiritual Drawings are a medium that allows us to visit the lives and guides that we are working with during this time on earth. Guides manifest an image for the drawer of themselves in a past life they have shared with you. Often the acknowledgement of their existence relates to a current issue or event you are experiencing in this lifetime. Our spirit guides are here to guide us in this lifetime and the connection with an image often helps us with our own journey and connection with the other side.


Come along and experience a Challenging session by one of our gifted clairvoyants at the Seahorse Well Being Centre, either in a group session or as a personal reading. Our clairvoyant connects loved ones who have passed, with those in the physical world. They receive personal information that helps to resolve and heal issues. In some instances when people are confused and lack direction, they channel messages of guidance


Our readers have many years experience at the art of Tarot. Classes to learn the art of Tarot card reading are also available several times a year.


Reiki (Ray-kee) is an ancient healing art that is a gentle, non-invasive, natural method. It was rediscovered in the late 1800s by Japanese educator Dr. Mikao Usui. Reiki means "universal life force energy"-the chi, which flows through all living things. It has no religious affiliation and requires no special belief system or ability to be effective. The treatment is usually hands-on, but can be distant. Reiki works on all levels (physical, spiritual, mental and emotional) and compliments and enhances all other treatment methods.


Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Relaxation, Pregnancy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, are some of the massage types that we offer

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