Master of Acupuncture - Almond Wellness Centre

Almond Wellness Centre

21 Bell st
Coburg VIC 3058

Servicing area: Coburg & Northern Suburbs, Ringwood & Eastern Suburbs


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We take into consideration your lifestyle, body constitution, and emotion as the foundation for our treatment. We strive to help you feel in total control of every aspect of your health.

Women’s Health

At Almond Wellness Centre, we may help you improve symptoms of a range of women's health issues

We may help you from reducing pain of your period, relieving symptoms of pre-menstrual tension, preparing for conceiving, maintaining good pregnancy and preparing for labour, to recondition the body and mind postpartum, and to meet menopause with power and grace.


Call us to book your women's health experts today!
Coburg: 03 9378 9479 
Ringwood: 03 8802 1519

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Master of Acupuncture - Almond Wellness Centre