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Pachamama Healing

Sue Jackel

St Kilda VIC 3182

Servicing area: St Kilda & all suburbs & distance by Skype and Zoom

Pachamama Healing

Using the power of Pachamama and Shamanic Energy Medicine, I create and hold a safe space for your voice, your truth and your healing.

Pachamama Healing

What are you seeking?

I can help you find harmony within yourself and freedom beyond societies rules.  I can support you to transform your pain into your greatest healer and embrace the power of your own voice.  

I encourage you to undertake the revolutionary act of taking time out, sitting in silence and listening to your own voice.

Who I Am
I am Melbourne-based medicine woman, shamanic healer, Vortex Healing® practitioner, intuitive, workshop facilitator, speaker, writer and ceremonial leader.  I draw on earth-centred practices and wisdom to bring meaning into my own life and the lives of others.  I guide people to reclaim their personal power and rightful place within community irrespective of gender or orientation.

What I Offer
I offer 1:1 sessions, workshops, ritual and ceremonies. I offer healing and transformation in a safe and accepting space.

What Can Be Healed?
If you are having relationship issues, suffer from depression or anger, experience grief, repeat negative patterns in your life or are going through life changes where you are wondering about your life an its purpose - Shamanic Energy Medicine can help.

What is Shamanic Energy Medicine?
Shamanic Energy Medicine is a practice that works in our mind, soul and body to remove the energetic causes of our issues and opens us to our own resources to heal ourselves and create new stories for a new future.

After experiencing Shamanic Energy Medicine, you will find that you are able to to release the old stories that are going around in your head and feel a greater degree of inner peace and harmony.

It is about healing our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and restoring balance - not just curing the symptoms.

My Offerings
I offer 1:1 Shamanic Healing sessions: Click here for details

I also offer face to face group events in St Kilda:

Click here for details

Qualification Details

*Graduate of the Four Winds Society Light Body School 300 Hour Program
*Graduate of Vortex Healing® Foundational Program

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Pachamama Healing