Pain Relief Kinesiology & PEMF Pulse Therapy

35 Lani St
Wishart QLD 4122

Servicing area: Brisbane Greater Metro, Queensland

Emotional issues Aches & pains Physical pain ...
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Maria is a Certified Kinesiologist whose passion for Counselling has helped many of her clients.

Coaching, Workshops, Motivational Speaking & Corporate Kinesiology

A growing number of people are aware of how Kinesiology helps with underlying emotional issues that in turn, physically affects our wellbeing.

Maria can help you access, evaluate and process any emotional, physical, mental or spiritual issues that may be affecting your overall wellbeing in a comfortable and safe environment.

Maria is also available for tailor made workshops designed for your specific needs, Motivational Speaking events and Corporate Kinesiology.

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Kinesiologist Maria Brady

Pain Relief Kinesiology & PEMF Pulse Therapy