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Servicing area: Perth, Australia and Worldwide via Video Consults

Focus area: Paediatrics Anxiety disorders and panic attacks Telehealth ...

Video Consults Work At A Deeper Level
Whole-of-body Pain Conditions
Rebalance body systems and organ functioning
Release trauma, Release stress, Resolve physical pain
Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Online Consults for Body Pain

To understand Online Bodywork Consults requires two concepts.

1. Mirror neurons ....

In science we know our brain has ‘mirror neurons’ – nerves which activate when we watch others.

Even if we are not involved our brains activate as if we are. It is why we watch sport and movies – as our brain responds as if it is us. Mirror neurons are part of how we learn.

Here's a scientist explaining it 10:15mins

2. Empathy

Empathy is knowing another’s feeling state without being told or reading obvious body language. It’s a human skill which enables better communication with others.

Pain Relief Lady has trained her Empathy to a Therapeutic level. So while in your consult, I know where your pains are, and often the cause and its compensation. Empathy is also a topic of ongoing scientific research.

Using Mirror Neurons and Empathy

Being in different locations is no barrier to these skills. 
1. My mirror neurons match your body’s functioning.
2. I facilitate the process your body dictates to release tension patterns and dysfunction.
3. As I follow your body’s requirements, your mirror neurons then match mine to follow your pathway out of pain. 

An unfortunate assumption is that people with high level empathy are psychic. This belief in special powers and mystical energy has slowed scientific research into how this can be developed by all people. The only difference is I’ve trained mine to a therapeutic level. 

I have clear professional boundaries between what is yours, and mine, and the two do not mix. It’s how I provide the best treatment for you.

Pain is part of life. Helping you resolve it is what I do.

I look forward to meeting and working with you online to release unwanted physical, mental, and emotion pain.

Warm wishes

Ally, Pain Relief Lady

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