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Online Consults for Body Pain

How Bodywork Video Consults work requires explanation of a few concepts.

Mirror neurons ....

It's easier to wave a wand and say it's magic, and just believe it works. And many do.

But I am not psychic.

My brain is a scientist and I have struggled to understand how it works for many years, but now I understand it from the perspective of science.

In science we now know our brain has 'mirror neurons' which are nerves that activate when we watch people 'do' things. Even if we are not moving our brains activate as if we are. It is why we like to watch sport, it is why humans like to watch action movies - just by watching our brain responds as if it is us.

Mirror neurons are part of how we learn to do things - by watching first, our brains are practising how to do it.

Empathic ability ....

Now when it comes to healing physical pain. I am an Empath. All humans are empathic and like all skills some of us have skills at lower or higher levels. Like riding a bicycle, some people do extreme sports on a bmx, some just stay upright cycling around the corner.

So I have trained my ability as an Empath to a high-level, which means I feel what others feel, when I choose. When you come for treatment I feel in my own body where your pain is, where you have tight muscles, where your posture has twisted. Clients always marvel as to how I 'know' exactly where their pain is, and I do know, and it helps enormously in my skills as a Natural Pain Relief Specialist.

Having empathic ability is also known to science and is a topic of ongoing research.

Getting your body to use its mirror neurons ....

So being in different rooms does not stop either of these two skills being activated. I can still feel what is happening in your body, same as you would be able to detect if your friend was in pain and you were speaking by phone or video call - that's a human skill, often undeveloped in people, but it is in all of us. Healing does not occur through my hands, it is my brain that has the knowledge and the ability to work with that knowledge.

My mirror neurons initially fire to match what is happening in your body, then because I can feel what is out of balance in your body and I know how to resolve body dysfunction, I can then get to work helping your body to resolve its imbalances.

Your mirror neurons then activate and follow my body. This happens because I first match your system, your body then takes its lead from mine as it moves through what your body needs to release tightness, compression, imbalance.

No magic ....

The worse thing that has happened in our world's history is that people with high level empathic ability have been led to believe what they do naturally is magic, evil, or psychic.

This belief in magic and special powers and woo-hoo energy has stopped science investigating how this is part of all people, and how it can be learnt and developed by all people.

I love the idea of a magical universe, and it is magical, but keeping the ability to self-heal shrouded by the mystery of magic, does not help you get better, does not release the pain you do not need.

Knowledge ....

I am not a psychic. I am not magical. I have the same ability we all have to sense other's feelings. My ability started strong as a child and I have continued to train and develop these skills.

At the same time I was developing my empathic skills I was undertaking book-learning to acquire, deepen and expand my knowledge of anatomy, physiology and brain neurology.

I have added to my book learning different Natural Medicine modalities including Chinese Medicine and Craniosacral Therapy among others. Our body is a wonderful organism - it's own ecosystem - and there are different layers of its function. Mainstream medicine treats your body as a machine. Natural Medicine approaches your body as a interactive element between your mind and your environment.

Use all knowledge and information ...

I choose to use all information available to me. From medical understandings of your body and your condition, to Natural Medicine understandings of your body and your condition, to especially your own understanding of your body and your condition.

Does Pain Relief Lady get drained?

People most often are worried that I get drained by providing treatment in this manner, the answer is no. 

Your pain stays yours. I help your body to release as much as it can in every session, but I don't take it on as my own.

As a Natural Pain Relief Specialist of more than two decades, I do not carry your burdens, nor take them on as mine.

I have clear professional boundaries between what is yours, and what is mine, and the two do not mix. That's how I stay healthy and provide the best treatment for you.

I am not burdened by your physical pain, nor your emotion pain. I hold the space for you to feel what it is that needs to be let go. There are not many people who can see your pain and stay with you without crumpling or running away. But I provide that.

Pain is part of life. Helping you resolve it, release it, is what I do.

I look forward to meeting and working with you online to release unwanted physical, mental, and emotion pain.

Warm wishes

Ally, Pain Relief Lady

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