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Palm Beach Counselling & Natural Healing Services

Christina Berry

Servicing area: Rockingham, Safety Bay, Mandurah & Kwinana, Western Australia

Palm Beach Counselling & Natural Healing Services
Christina is university trained and has been counselling for over 13 years. She believes in using a holistic approach when working with individuals. Due to vast experience she is able to counsel individuals, couples, families and children with diverse problems at a cost friendly fee.

Relationship, individual, family, children counselling, sexual abuse,depression, emotional problems,step blended family difficulties, grief,loss,parenting issues, alcohol, drug, addictions, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, work issues,life coaching, self esteem,anger management, communication,self assertion, conflict resolution skills, life skills,codependency, trauma, loneliness, difficulty coping, spiritual problems, relaxation training, meditation, reiki healing, mental health, breathing techniques, desensitization training.

Palm Beach Counselling & Natural Healing Services

Palm Beach Counselling & Natural Healing Services overlook Safety Bay Beach which gives a therapeutic outlook. Counselling sessions are usually for 1 hour duration in a warm, friendly, relaxed environment. My areas of expertise cover:-

Stress/Anxiety/Depression/Low self esteem

We all know how busy life can get and that a build up of stress can lead to anxiety, depression and low self esteem. I offer complete confidentiality and a safe environment in which you can address these issues.


I have extensive knowledge of alcohol/drug problems/addictions and can help you gain insight, understanding and knowledge necessary for recovery.


Often couples have difficulty in understanding each other. I often find addressing problem areas such as communication, active listening and conflict resolution and teaching the necessary skills can help alleviate some of the difficulty.

Family/Step blended

In todays society so many families breakdown. Parents remarry and children often have to blend in with other children. This can often create problems. Gaining an understanding of step/blended family dynamics through counselling may help alleviate some of the stress that these changes bring.

Anger Management

Inability to manage anger can lead to so many problems including health. Counselling can equip you with the right tools in order to help you understand and manage your anger better.

Reiki sessions are for 40 minutes. Reiki provides natural healing through my hands to the body using the universal lifeforce energy. It is soothing, gentle and can penetrate clothing. I encourage the wearing of comfortable clothing as you will be either sitting in a chair or lying comfortably on the reiki table. Soft music is played while you relax and allow the universal life force energy to heal you

Qualification Details

Masters Social Sc (Counselling) BA Social Welfare, MAIPC, MACA

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