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Look deeper into your health and wellbeing, with a professional Iridology Session with Pam.

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Lesson 1: There are no bad eyes....they are perfect for you. They link you to your parents and to generations behind them.

Most people live their live unconsciously "whatever happens, happens". Iridology opens your mind and empowers you to embrace your own future - Learn to drive your own vehicle "sharp and alert".

The coloured section of your eyes contains millions of fibres each one reflecting a corresponding tissue area in your body. The variation in the structure and colour of the Iris gives an insight into the strengths and limitations of an individuals physical, emotional and psycological makeup.

A digital Iris photos can be taken and loaded on to a computer screen to enable me to not just assess the Iris, but to also immediatley show you the findings. Using these Advanced Iridology techniques and my extensive knowledge of Anatomy & Physiology I can teach you how to stop "just suppressing symptoms" and truly heal yourself . This is the ultimate goal in Preventative Medicine.

It is critical that we have proper nourishment of all body cells and good drainage of waste products. So what can reduce these functions?
  • Incorrect diet & incorrect exercise
  • Trauma (physical, emotional,mental)
  • Drugs ( illegal & prescribed)
  • Congentital Weakness
  • Indulging in Negative Thoughts & Emotions

Do you understand your lessons in this lifetime?

You are a unique physical, emotional,and mental combination of your parents and the two generations behind them. Whether you develop your inherent potential (be it good or bad) can be influenced by the way you eat, drink, think, live and love.

Emotions can affect the function of our bodies and certain constitutional types have a tendency to constantly indulge in specific emotional patterns. This can suppress or inflame organs and body systems.

Your constitution can be determined by the structure and colour of your Iris. Once you are aware of your potential, you can support your health by concentrating on not responding to emotional triggers in a negative way.

Learn to eat, drink, think and love the best way you possibly can. This is your Lesson. This is why you are here. Control your emotional responses and your spirit will grow.

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