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May 2016

The Pantry Practitioner

Contact Name Jillaine Williams
Mobile 0407 403 767
Address Earth Mother Natural Health
23 Mary St
Cygnet TAS 7109
Servicing Areas Brisbane Hobart Howrah Tasmania Australia, World via Skype

Real Food..... Real Health

The Pantry Practitioner

Helping You Thrive.

Research confirms that the majority of our modern degenerative diseases are as a result of poor nutrition. Furthermore these deficiencies have detrimental effects upon behaviour, mental health and our ability to cope with the stress of a modern, fast-paced life.
I feel that my role is as a translator- to take the nutritional, biochemical solutions and to translate them into the “mmmm" of real food solutions. My practice is to provide hands-on, written materials and instruction to aid in this process- simplifying the A-Z of nutrients for my clients.
Jillaine is dedicated to educating, informing and enabling parents and individuals in achieving their optimal health through nutritional therapy.

Jillaine Williams is the owner and director of The Pantry Practitioner.

Jillaine earned her degree in Health Science from the Endeavour College of Natural Medicine and has since been in clinical practice for the past 8 years. Having completed her degree she then travelled to Europe to expand her knowledge of culinary traditions and to further investigate the “French Paradox” wherein rich, luscious foods have long been associated with resilient health and beauty. Post-graduate courses include GAPS (Gut & Psychology Syndrome), ACNEM (Australian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine), MINDD (MAPS Medical Academy of Pediatrics Special Needs) and BioBalance training. She is well versed in the Cutler chelation protocol, Healing Codes method and Kelley/ Gonzales Cancer protocols. She is a long term member of the Weston Price foundation and has completed her NutriGENOMICS course with Dr B Lynch.

​She has recognised a need to challenge popular beliefs in this country as to what constitutes a nourishing diet, and is seeking to re-educate us in planning, sourcing and preparing truly delicious, nourishing and traditional foods. With an evidence-based approach to analysis and prescription of personalised programs you not only discover that food should taste divine but it should alleviate and avert disease.

"I find that in my role as a natural medicine practitioner I am able to offer more than healing advice. Having recognised a need for real care, I am able to offer practical hands-on help, guidance and support. At times even stepping into the kitchen to prepare healing foods with you or your teenage children. Seeing the wonderful results of those dedicated to changing their own and their loved ones health outcomes is just so rewarding." JILLAINE WILLIAMS

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Bachelor of Health Science Nutritional Medicine

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