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Meredith Plowman

Servicing area: Mullumbimby, New South Wales

Paradiso Healtharium
Facial Harmony & R.A.W. Balancing

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About Paradiso Healtharium

Welcome to Paradiso Healtharium

Turn back time, take years off your face and ages from your body

Meredith Plowman is a truly nurturing practitioner whose 10 years of experience and training in energy work is applied in the most sensitive and caring way. Her clients leave their treatments feeling deeply relaxed, lighter and more balanced.

Beauty, health and personal power are remarkable by-products that culminate in a cheery disposition, smiling eyes and a renewed sense of optimism in the world and zest for life. She helps people rebalance and get their happy nerves working well again!

Meredith’s clients become younger and rebalance in an enchanting rural place where time is turned back – a cosy vintage world of Duke Ellington, lady lamps and floral tapestries.

She offers two complementary health treatments: Facial Harmony – a deeply relaxing beauty treatment that gives you a natural facelift; and Rekindled Ancient Wisdom (RAW) - an energy balancing treatment Kinesiology for overcoming life’s challenges and releasing stress.


“Meredith Plowman has been my Rekindled Ancient Wisdom Kinesiologist for the past 8 years. In that time she has been wonderful at helping me move through some stubborn energies that no longer serve me. In each session Meredith has patiently taken time to consult, identify and establish the issues at hand. Meredith’s knowledge of her work, emotional clarification and support has provided me with valuable insights and allow me to make more balanced choices. The energy work sessions enable me to move through everyday life in a more positive way. I highly recommend Meredith to anyone who is looking for further clarity, centring and balance in his or her life.”

Petra Karlsson, Sydney NSW

“I have been seeing Meredith for several years and have found RAW, with its subtle clearing of old patterns, blockages, family issues and the myriad of complexities which we humans hold within us, has enhanced my life immensely. Meredith’s wise and intuitive counsel has been a source of great benefit and solace to me. I look forward to each appointment. Meredith’s RAW sessions have also assisted me with making more progress with my Chiropractic treatments. The special treat of a Facial Harmony experience is one of the most relaxing revitalising indulgences I have had with the stress visibly disappearing from my face….a must try!”

Wendy Lillian

“On the day before my wedding I had a Facial Harmony treatment with Meredith. When I arrived home my sisters and mother were astonished and could not believe such a dramatic change had been achieved without surgery! I look back on the wedding photos and am so glad that the only pre-wedding beauty routine I did was Facial Harmony. My whole face looked lifted, my eyes looked younger, my complexion was clearer and having the treatment was very relaxing and grounding, just what I needed right before the wedding.”

Kate Mortimer

“I have been having Facial Harmony treatments with Meredith for many years now. I find that my weekly treatment not only wipes the consequences of the busy stressful life I lead from my face each week but that it relaxes my whole body and gives me some well earned down time. My skin stays in great condition – it glows after a treatment and the wrinkles are kept at bay I can thoroughly recommend Meredith Facial Harmony treatments.”

Ann Adams

"I had my first RAW balance treatment four years again and have been completely hooked since. RAW is unlike any other energetic teatment I have ever had. It gets right down to the very core of my being, bringing up issues and blockages I was either suppressing or wasn't even aware of. With RAW, I've benefited at a physical, energetic and emotional level. RAW to me is the treatment of the 21st century."

Jean-Marc Maissin

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  • Dip Remdial Massage
  • Certificate in Aromatherapy
  • Dip Botanical Medidine
  • Certificate Touch for Health 1 and 2,
  • Applied Physiology for Can Opener, Basketweaver, Figure 8's, Dyslexia, Attitude with Essence, Muscle Monitoring,
  • Reiki 1 and 2 Usui
  • Reiki 1 and 2 Jin Kei Do
  • Rekindled Ancient Wisdom Levels 1 to 9
  • Pranic Healing 1

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