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Turn back time, take years off your face.

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“The photos don’t do justice to the after affects of my Facial Harmony.

I looked considerably refreshed and more youthful. And to think that this comes from a relaxing, totally non-invasive treatment.

I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t experienced it myself.” Diana Scott CEO Frontier Pets

Facial Harmony is the blissful way to smooth away the stress and tension in your face and restore your good looks naturally. You’ll get visible instant results from your first treatment.

You’ll see your skin looking more youthful and evenly toned, creases and wrinkles appear softer, cheeks and jaw line lifted, and eyes looking more open and relaxed. You’ll leave feeling totally relaxed and looking refreshed. Facial Harmony is for Men & Women.

This deeply relaxing treatment, from a Kinesiology background, works with a gentle specialised massage technique on the meridians and muscles of your face and head, which frees up your energy giving your face the instant vitality to produce a natural facelift. This will occur with one treatment.

Regular treatments halt aging while they enhance your looks and combat stress and fatigue. Facial Harmony uses no products, creams or oils and so is perfect for sensitive skin.

Additional benefits include reduction of stress and tension, and relief from headaches, occurrence of migraines, sinus headaches and eye tension, or what one Facial Harmony fan calls ‘computer face’!

Facial Harmony treatments from Meredith available from Paradiso Healtharium Mullumbimby, and Sydney CBD by arrangement. Meredith has more than 15 years experience in Facial Harmony.

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