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Parakeet Coaching & Consulting

Jenni Paradowski

Servicing area: In-person in Canberra; via Zoom Australia-wide and international

Parakeet Coaching & Consulting

Parakeet Coaching & Consulting

Working together, we can co-create meaning and purpose by taking an intentional approach to identifying, pursuing and achieving your goals.

As an internationally credentialled coach, I have had the privilege to work with people from all walks of life who seek better relationships; more satisfying work; greater balance between family, community and work responsibilities; and the support to make courageous changes.

Coaching approaches include: cognitive behavioural coaching, solution-focussed coaching, ontological coaching, conversational intelligence, positive psychology, and narrative coaching.

How will coaching help me?

Frequently we arrive at a place in our lives and find ourselves wondering exactly how we got there. We may no longer have a genuine connection between our key values and the roles that we are playing or the positions that we hold inside and outside of work. We may be unable to articulate our goals, let alone how we intend to achieve them. A sense that something is ‘missing’ may be present.

As your coach, I will engage you in conversations and activities that are designed to be thought-provoking and creative, allowing you to get in touch with that part of yourself that yearns for life to be different. Once you have clarified what it is that you truly desire at work, at home and/or as a member of your community, I will work with you to develop the skills, knowledge, behaviours and courage to achieve what you desire.

What can I expect in coaching?

In your first session we will discuss the key concern/s that brought you to coaching. We explore these in some detail in order to arrive at some goals for the coaching relationship. We will discuss how we will work together, including which modalities (types) of coaching are most likely to meet your needs, the frequency and number of sessions and any other details.

Each session we will focus on your goals. We may have conversations that are designed to help you clarify your values, your goals or key aspects of the situation you find yourself in. We may analyse problems in detail, breaking them down in order to understand them. We may do activities that help you to think creatively about what a desirable future might look like and how dreams might be turned into reality. We may explore how your moods and emotions impact on what you believe you can achieve. We may explore how you can use your body more effectively to open up possibilities.

By the end of each session, you will have new insights into how you can find greater fulfilment through taking positive actions towards your goals.

What does coaching cost?

The fee for a standard 60 minute session is $295. Sessions are nominally 60 or 90 minutes, though session length may vary slightly. Other session lengths are available on request.

Special prices are available for NGOs and full-time students. Discounted packages are also available.

Enter NTP2X5% when making your appointment to receive 5% off your first two sessions (expires 30 December 2020)

Qualification Details

  • Grad. Dip. Ontological Coaching, Newfield Institute
  • GradDipOrgCoach&Lship, Charles Sturt University
  • Accreditation in Organisational Coaching, Institute Executive Coaching and Leadership
  • B.App.Sci (Health Education), University of Canberra
  • Conversational Intelligence® Enhanced Practitioner
  • Narrative Coaching® Enhanced Practitioner
  • Accreditation in Prosci® Change Management Methodology, Being Human
  • Professional Certified Coach, International Coach Federation
  • Cert IV, Workplace Assessment and Training, Quest Training Solutions

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    Monet turned his dream into reality. I can help you identify your dreams and take the steps to create what you most desire.Coaching is a private space to learn and grow.Juggling responsibilities is a challenge. Through coaching, I can help you develop the right skills.Like parakeets, humans thrive within diverse communities. Effective communication and conflict management are paramount and key skills I can help you strengthen.Is living as part of an artistic community part of what is missing for you? I can support you to reconnect with your creative self, prioritise your inner needs and find like minded people Cultivating mindfulness can be part of our every day, not just the focus of retreats or breaks. I can help you learn the basics of mindfulness within the Western tradition, setting a foundParticipating in our community benefits us all. Whether your goal is to do something big or simply to work out how to integrate community participation into your busy life, I can help.Parakeet Coaching & Consulting provides one-on-one and group coaching, along with bespoke consulting services. See my website for details.