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Passionate Health

Michelle Bellamy

Dulwich Hill NSW 2203

Servicing area: Sydney & Illawarra

Passionate Health

Health Equals Happiness:

Learn how an experienced nutritionist and dietitian who is truly passionate about her work can help you lead a healthier and happier life.

About Michelle Bellamy

Why Choose Passionate Health?

We at Passionate Health have adopted a consultative approach to preventative medicine. Through education and coaching, our qualified and experienced nutritionist and dietitian can help you with any issues or conditions that you may be experiencing right now, and those you are hoping to prevent from happening in the future. 

Examples of issues and/or conditions that we can help you with include:

  • Weight management and detoxification
  • Stress and sleep disorders
  • Energy and vitality
  • Food allergies or intolerances
  • Sports nutrition
  • Or simply healthy eating for your everyday life

Our mission is to enhance your every day by empowering you with the knowledge to take charge of your health to lead a healthier and happier life.

Who is Passionate Health’s Nutritionist & Dietitian?

My name is Michelle Bellamy. I am the founder of Passionate Health, and I will be your nutritionist and dietitian. I have worked full-time in the health industry since 2002. I hold a Diploma in Nutrition and an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine.

My enthusiasm for nutrition developed when I gained more than 10kg in just one year which was attributed to food intolerances and poor nutrition gotten from a live-in job. This eagerness became a passion when I began to see fast results thanks to a dramatically changed diet, an effective exercise regimen that suited my body type, and by achieving harmonious work-life balance through a job change.

Because of this amazing experience, I immersed myself in the formal study of nutrition. Through my learnings, I gained a deeper understanding of how food intake affects our health and vitality as well as how to integrate this knowledge into my day-to-day life. Now, I follow a gluten-free diet, cycle to work, and practice yoga at every chance.

What Clients Have To Say

“Michelle helped me to see what foods are beneficial and which for me have undesired effects. Her guidance and awareness of my stress triggers were key. Now, I feel great and maintain a healthy weight.” - Nicole

“I am obviously very pleased with the steady loss of weight. I am finding it easy to keep up too, even now that I’ve left Sydney, but the regular meetings and BIA assessments were fantastic. They made me focus on the short-term goals of a couple of weeks, and it was really encouraging to actually see the charts and visually see the changes in fat and active muscle tissue etc. So, again, thank you!” - Kerri

“Michelle has been very beneficial for me in helping me to research and understand the purpose and implications of various drugs used to manage heart failure.” - Matthew

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Qualification Details

Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine
Diploma in Nutrition

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