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Michelle Bellamy
Servicing area: Sydney Wide & Illawarra
Passionate Health
Being healthy on the inside, leaves you glowing on the outside!.

Passionate Health

A nutritional review can be beneficial to anyone of any age - you dont have to be unwell.

By reflecting on your diet and lifestyle, we can identify modifications which assist you to feel empowered and re-energised to deal with the demands of a busy lifestyle, or the juggling of family and work commitments.

At Passionate Health we can help you with:
  • stress, fatigue and poor immunity

  • mood or sleep disorders and low energy

  • food intolerance, allergies and poor digestion

  • weight control and mild eating disorders

  • skin conditions and lifeless hair

  • healthy ageing

  • mens and womens health and hormonal challenges

Some of our services include:
  • wholistic consultations; encompassing nutritional, dietary and lifestyle advice for improved health and wellbeing

  • food intolerance, allergy testing (IgG)

  • heavy metal, vitamins, mineral and antioxidant status

  • assessment of gastrointestinal disturbances (gut dysbiosis)

  • weight management and detox programs

  • nutritional coaching to manage stress, fatigue, mood and sleep disorders

  • healthy eating tips for radiant skin and hair

  • natural fertility enhancement

  • shopping tours; gluten free, simplifying labels

At Passionate Health we empower you with the knowledge to make changes and to take charge of your health,assisting you to live a healthier and happier life.

About Michelle

Michelle's interest in nutrition grew when she gained more than 10kg in just one year owing to poor nutrition. Her interest became a passion when she began to see immediate results thanks to a changed diet, an exercise regime suitable to her body type and a more harmonious work-life balance.

Immersing herself in the formal study of nutrition, she gained a deeper understanding of how the food that we eat affects health and vitality, and how to incorporate this knowledge into everyday life.
She holds a Diploma in Nutrition and an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine, and she has worked full time in the health industry since 2002. She follows a gluten free diet, cycles to work and practices yoga at every chance.

Michelle adopts a consultative approach to preventative medicine. Through education and coaching she can help you with any issues that you may have, and those you wish to prevent. Some examples include weight management and detoxification, stress and sleep disorders, energy and vitality, food allergies or intolerance, sports nutrition or healthy eating for every day.

To arrange a consultation, please refer to the Contact Information above.

Michelle is also available for mobile consultations at your home or workplace. Conditions apply.


Qualifications Details
  • Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine

  • Diploma of Nutrition


Visit Michelle and you will see someone who most certainly walks her talk. I have known Michelle for many years and witnessed her journey to the where she is at the moment. A beautiful woman who is a stunning example of someone who is passionate about their health and glows as a result of their own work.

If you wish to improve your life, have a consultation and her enthusiasm will rub off. Her desire to see you amp up your health in all aspects, enhancing your life, will leave you with instant changes you can easily incorporate into your daily life for long term effects.Take advantage of her knowledge to broaden your own.

Be inspired to find your own passion for life!



Thank you so much for all your support and guidance over the last few months. The weight loss program, nutritional information and vitamin recommendations have really helped me.
I feel so much better equipped now and clearer. I was getting quite confused with all the different health information out there, but the individual assessment and advice on what was right for me has been amazing. You have actually changed my life!

Even simple things like portion size and that I was totally underestimating the power of protein! The handouts you gave me are also fantastic. I come back to them all the time and they are very clear and easy to understand.

I am obviously very pleased with the steady loss of weight. I am finding it easy to keep up too, even now that I've left Sydney, but the regular meetings and BIA assessments were fantastic. They made me focus on short term goals of a couple of weeks and it was really encouraging to actually see the charts and visually see the changes in fat and active muscle tissue etc.

So again thank you!


Qualification Details

Diploma of Nutrition
Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine
Senior First Aid Certification

Health Fund rebates available

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