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Vered has trained in various methods of Hypnotherapy, Past life Regression, QHHT with Dolores Cannon, Spiritual Healing, Psychotherapy (specialising in Addiction and Spiritual Emergence) , Family Constellations and Jungian Astrology. She has  over 23 years experience  in these disciplines.She has  a Post Graduate degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Past Life Regression , QHHT, Family Constellations

Welcome to Past Life Regression Sydney

Past Life Regression is Vered's passion. She has trained in various methods of hypnotherapy and has  over 23 years experience as a hypnotherapist , spiritual healer and astrological counsellor.  Her loving intention is to help people align themselves to their purpose and thus obtain the joy of fulfilment through knowing self and purpose.

She has been facilitating QHHT sessions since 2007, having trained personally with Dolores Cannon and has facilitated more than 2,500 sessions of this healing, regression modality.

Past Life Regression

Vered has been a hypnotherapist for 23years and she has also completed the two levels of training in Advanced Past Life Regression /QHHT with the wonderful Dolores Cannon. Vered has 12 years experience with this technique exclusively. The technique has been renamed Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, by Dolores Cannon to encompass the changing, wider experience of this method.

Dolores had over 30 years experience as an author and regressionist, specializing in the recovery and cataloging of lost knowledge. Her books include the Convoluted Universe and Jesus and the Essenes.

So, what actually happens in a session?

A session lasts for about 3 and a half  to 4 hours.The first 90 minutes or so allows for counselling and interaction between Vered and the client, with a view to ascertaining the main issues and formulating questions for the subconscious, which can be interpreted as the Higher Self, the Universal Mind or perhaps, the expanded self.

As Vered is a medium, very often, a loved one or guide or Higher Intelligence may come through with a message.

In the remaining time, the client is gently induced into a deep state of hypnosis during which time , appropriate and relevant images, stories and impressions are revealed. Very often the client refers to themselves in the third person, as though they are witnessing themselves objectively. Sometimes, where appropriate, spontaneous healing may occur.

What Vered brings  uniquely to the process is her vast experience in therapies, allowing , through processes, a deep healing of the issues, using work from various modalities such as Family Constellations and Psychosynthesis.

The last part of the session allows for integration, discussion and a nice cup of tea.

This process allows for access to what can be called Universal Knowledge. This communion with Higher Self may elicit the deep healing which is born of knowing the stories of the Soul.

So, what is the sub-conscious?

The authenticity of this inner voice is at once awesome and deeply caring in that it speaks the timeless truth of the soul's evolution accross many lifetimes.

In my experience over 23 years, certain memories from this and other incarnations and indeed other time space dimensions, hold an emotional charge which may drive and inform our behaviour.
Very often, we believe that our behaviour or condition relates back to a childhood incident but I have found that the originating incident or memory may stem from much further back in space and time.

The sub-conscious (higher self or super-conscious) knows everything that has ever happened to you across lifetimes. It may transport you to an earlier moment in your current life, to a past life or even to a state of consciousness between lives, depending on what is relevant to your inquiry or issue. It is also possible to have a spiritual, enlightening experience or even a visitation from either a loved one who has passed, a spirit guide, or even a being from another dimension.

Clients  are induced into a gentle, relaxed state, and others are able to attain a deeper level of hypnosis, allowing access to the Universal Mind. Interestingly, even a light alpha state can allow access to the richness of the subconscious.

In this process, the term "subconscious" is somewhat a misnomer in that the "voice" that may come through often has a sense of collective knowing and as such, is defined by it's seemingly objective and benevolent wisdom.

This process can give great benefit to those with illness, loss of purpose, confusion about how to move forward and those who are lightworkers needing to access guidance.

Vered is a medium and when appropriate, the spirit of family members, close friends and Higher Guides, may come through with messages during the session.

Please visit my website for a video.

Family Constellations

These 90 minute sessions may be given in person in my clinic, or online. This wonderful modality, also known as Systemic Family Constellations, developed by Bert Hellinger, explores how deep forces in our family systems, even over generations, may influence our thoughts, behaviours, health & emotions.

Family Constellations addresses transgenerational trauma and other inherited beliefs, conditions and programming, allowing for the new understanding to land in our inner system in a healthier way. 

We tap into a "knowing field" that surrounds each family to explore this living phenomenon. One can gain a new perspective about self and members of our family and let go of what no longer serves and what may block transformation.

Typically, we may explore issues such as self sabotage, difficult relationship with parents & siblings as the hidden dynamics within the family system are revealed and transformed. Figurines and footprints are used to represent family members.


Vered has been doing astrology readings for 23 years. Her background is in Jungian psychology and she sees the natal horoscope as a divine blueprint which can identify the challenges and gifts of one's emotional patterning and past life imprints and as such, can reveal the pathway to ones soul's purpose, helping one to transcend blocks and fears and allowing conscious navigation through life.

She offers:
  • Natal horoscope readings
  • Transit readings
  • Synastry readings


"I am a 33 year old mother of two small children and I came to Vered as a last resort with Bowel Cancer. The doctor's prognosis determined that I would die within 6 months. However, Vered explained that the session would not necessarily result in spontaneous healing and that she would be guided by the authority of my subconscious. I was shown two lifetimes, which deeply saddened me, where I had lived lives of intense anger and submission towards my male partners.

I was to learn that one of my husbands then, although physically very different, was my current husband.

After the session, I felt a deep sense of forgiveness for him for having needed such control over me and for myself, for having submitted to this.

It has now been nearly 1 year since the session and my cancer has gone into remission. I am hoping that this state continue. The session enabled me to understand that in some way, we are the sum total of everything we have experienced and that we get the chance to correct repetitive patterns.
Thankyou Vered"

Julie from Seaforth

"What a relief to push my busy conscious mind aside and let my soul speak. Thankyou Vered for making that possible"

Len (Business man)

"A spiritual submersion into me. I will never forget the experience of me as pure light"

Susan T. (Human Relations)

"I was very nervous about doing this but as soon as I saw Vered's reassuring face, I knew that this was predestined.

I had an intense release of unprocessed emotions. I cried and cried and then felt lighter. I have been braver about applying this knowledge to my life.

Thankyou Vered"

Wendy (hypnotherapist)

how can i describe the impact of this session? I work in the field of finance and see myself as a very grounded, literal individual. I felt so safe and heard by Vered’s presence and skill as a Therapist. I saw myself as a Dolphin, a baby Dolphin and while my conscious mind was witnessing in disbelief, my soul knew that this was me. I had wandered away from my family in the ocean. I cried. This story had direct relevance to my life. The session allowed me to understand my spirituality and how important it was to me and it set me in the right direction. Vered, you are amazing!
Geoff, Canberra

Qualification details

Bachelor of Arts ( NSW Uni)
Dip Ed ( Sydney Uni)
Diploma of Hypnosis
Graduate Diploma of Counelling/Psychotherapy(ACAP)
Samvahan Training ( Michael Trembath)
Reiki 1 and 2
Past Life Regression 1 and 2 (Dolores Cannon)
Family Constellation Training ( Leslie Nipps, Mark Wollyn)
B.A. (Honours) (Uni of N.S.W)
Diploma of Advanced past life Regression / QHHT (Trained by Dolores Cannon) Level 1 and Level 2
Diploma of De-Hypnosis (Trained By Akash Olver)
Time line Therapy
Medical Intuition 1 and 2
NAATI 3 accreditation as a French and Spanish translator

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