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Art From The Heart & Spiritual Healing at Dragonflicottage / Past Life Regressions and so much more.

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Pranic Healing works by treating the patient through their Aura using both Major and Minor Chakras and is a drug-free treatment. It is very non-invasive, as clothes do not have to be removed.  A Healing session is usually $60.00 for 30 minutes.

Pranic Healing

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Kilgin, New South Wales

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What is Pranic Healing?

There is an intimate relationship between the Energy Body and the Physical Body. What affects one affects the other. Our bodies use prana, or life energy, to create healthy feelings of well being within us.

Master Choa Kok Sui developed the modern form of Pranic Healing. It works by clearing and sweeping away energy imbalances and blockages. Energy that is diseased, congested or depleted is removed, making room for fresh, new healthy energy.

When there is an accumulation of diseased energy in any of our energy centers they start malfunctioning, and the organs under the influence of this energy are affected. Once the diseased energy is removed form the energy centre and Healing Pranic Energy is projected into areas they start functioning at a healthy level so that Life Force is distributed which enables recovery and the restoration of health.

Pranic Healing works by treating the patient through their Aura using both Major and Minor Chakras and is a drug free treatment. It is very non-invasive, as clothes do not have to be removed.

Distance Healings are also very affective. While Pranic healing can be, and is mostly, performed by itself, it actually works very well in conjunction with a modern medical treatment plan.

Pranic Healers sweep the diseased or negative energy away with their hands it is usually flicked into a bowl of salt water, which is disposed of safely and appropriately.

Healing Pranic Energy is then projected onto areas where the patient’s energy was diseased, depleted or congested. We use specific combinations of coloured pranic energy in order to effect the individual treatment or cure, and each treatment session is tailored to suit each unique condition.

The results are usually immediate and because Pranic healing works on the energy body, it is able to pick up potential disorders or illnesses before they manifest in the patient. However, if you suffer from a serious or persistent problem, you will be encouraged to seek a medical doctor as well as continuing your Pranic treatment.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above mentioned modalities please do not hesitate to contact me.

A Pranic Healing Session is usually a 30 minute appointment $60.00. Distance Healings available.

Prices mentioned are a guide only. My intention is to be of service if you are in need please ring and we can discuss.


5 Services

Art From The Heart at Dragonflicottage.

Crystal Therapy Art Therapy
$100 Per session

Resin Art made with Intention using specific Crystal and Reflective mirror Glass with stunning resin colors to Empower your space. Prices start $100 but average pieces range from $300 - $800 depending on the size, time & products used. Crystal Art Resin C

Past Life Regression and Spiritual Healing at Dragonflicottage.

Past Life Regression Therapy
$100 Per session

Explore fears and phobias that could be related to Soul memories of Past life experiences.


  • Past Life Regression Therapist
  • Art Therapy From The Heart At Dragonflicottage
  • Free Angel Card Reading Practitioner
  • Basic Pranic Healer
  • Advanced Pranic Healing Practitioner

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