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Past-Life –Regression-Therapy, Spiritual Regression Therapy, Current Life Regression, Childhood Regression, Life Between Lives, Spirit Attachment & Energy Clearing, Hypnotherapy, Aura-Soma Readings & Chakra Balancing Massage (Aura-Soma Oils), Jungian Astrology, Counselling & Marriage Guidance

Pathways to Light

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When unexplained fears or phobias, body sensations or chronic illness are hindering you in quality of life, regression work can get to the bottom of this and you can transform it with my guidance.

Have you ever wondered why you are repeating patterns over and over again, patterns with partners or colleagues at work? Do you wish to speak up and just can’t do it? Do you feel you are trapped and can’t move forward?

All these sensations might have their origin in your distant past. They stay with you, until you recognise their meaning and explore their validity. Regression work is a wonderful deep and permanent way to understand and release unwanted energies from the past.

What this is all about:

Regression Therapy: We all have emotional patterns from our childhood. That is important, as parents are to protect us and guarantee our survival. These patterns are embedded through generations in our ancestral history. Ways of living have proven advantages and been passed on. However, some of these patterns are not supportive for our life and hinder us to live happily.

These unwanted physical, mental or emotional beliefs are stored deeply in our DNA. In Regression Therapy these are undone and new ones put into place.

Past life Regression: In Past Life Regression we visit events from our pasts that have left an unresolved issue or trauma behind. For example a parent has died unexpectedly and left the person without money or means to bring up his siblings. This person would be driven never to be poor again and maybe neglect his family in this life in order to earn lots of money or sees to gambling.  

Another scenario could be a person with constant throat issues and no medical treatment works. In this case she could have been hung for speaking her truth and the shock of the injustice and cruel death could hinder her this life time to follow her true path and speak up.

As you can see by now, this form of regression work is not to find out, if we have been famous Queens and Kings. That can happen, but most likely points to low self-esteem.

In the regression session, we meet important characters involved, heal the body sensations that don’t make sense in this life and meet the souls of that life in the realms of light. Here we transform and forgive and gain deep understanding of the purpose and karmic agreements with others.

The outcome is simple: The DNA restructures and new information is build. The body sensation leave with our false beliefs and we are free from trauma. This happens over 4-5 sessions and takes a few month to really settle in.

The sessions are not only past life, but incorporate childhood and current life. This is necessary to make sense to our subconscious.

Childhood Regression: Here we visit deeply imbedded patterns from our very early years we might not consciously remember. Even being unhappy or frightened in the womb can take effect.

With my help and your own inner adult we help the ‘little one’ to become strong and happy again. Again visiting scenarios that were hurtful, transforming them, meeting perpetrators, making meaning of it all and finally invite the process of forgiveness.

This regression is very powerful and gives the adult the strength in the ‘now’ to be self-reliant and finally grow up, away from being stuck in that age where the hurt took place.

We all know when someone acts like two years old or teenager etc. and it is totally out of place. This is literally true. These people are stuck in that situation and play it out again and again; because the information is stuck in the cell structure of this event in their timeline and it is stronger than the reasoning adult mind.

Life Between Lives: This spiritual regression leads us into the time between our current incarnation and the last one. It is like visiting our spiritual self/counterpart and all our loved ones and other friends in the realms of light.

Meeting with Spirit Guides and Elders take place, discussing old issues from previous incarnations and purposes for the coming one. This space is a very beautiful one. It takes up to 5 hours for a session as the universal experience is so vast.

We experience our true work and what effects it has on earth. We work with colour, light and energies unknown to us on earth. We are literally light beings floating, learning and working.

This therapy is good for retrieving knowledge and answers for our current life issues.

We gain a very deep understanding what life is all about.

This session will be recorded.

Aura-Soma: Aura-Soma is a healing modality from the heavens and works with colour and light. It is non-intrusive as the client picks her own bottles from the system and then receives an accurate reading about her past, present and future. ‘You are the colours you choose.’ Our colours are imprinted in our DNA and it is a wonderful way to re-discover our true self.

Aura-Soma is a non-intrusive, self-selective soul system. Combining the energies of colour, plants, and crystals, these vibrational tools can support all levels of our being, bringing harmony and balance within the subtle fields promoting wellbeing and a joy for life.

‘Like attracts like’ and we are instinctively drawn to our own colours. In the session you choose four bottles that compose your personal colour code that represent a colour-matrix of your Self as both a personality in time and an eternal soul-being. The process is an energising one, as if re-charging your batteries in your auric field.

Your colour preferences may change or stay with you for a life time. A change in the colours you are drawn to in your bottle choices can signify inner and outer change, a new message or purpose, or a time of potential growth, fulfilment or progress along your journey. Working with your colours may help you in the process of overcoming difficulties of your past and restructure your present and future. AS you can see we are working with the subtle energies here, similar to the ones used in the realms of light.

Chakra Balancing Massage: What is Chakra Balancing Massage? There are so many different massaging modalities out there. This is lovely, as I believe that every person will find the perfect form of healing for them.

I am offering Chakra Balancing Massage which was called into life by a lady named Vickie Engeham in 2006. She has been an Aura-Soma Practioner for many years and developed this beautiful massage using the Aura-Soma Chakra set, Equilibrium bottles, Quintessesnces, Pomanders and ArchAngeloi sprays, singing bowls, crystals, breath work, music and the help of Angels to achieve a rounded healing experience.

Chakra Balancing Massage is a journey through the energy temples with a difference.

Each Chakra being a primary energy centre is linking the physical, spiritual mental and emotional well-being. We derive our energy for life from these centres. For maximum health and vitalty balance must be maintained.

When we go through emotional or physical trauma it often results in the chakras being out out of balnce. With this massage technique we go deep inside and a sense of greater awareness can be achieved as well as healing and balance being restored. Each person's experience is individual and appropriate for them.

I invite you to experience one and a half hour of bliss and dissolve stress or worries. Meet the angels of each colour ray and receive the power of 7 crystals, in conjunction with the Aura-Soma system and sound restoring your energy temples.

Hypnotherapy: Hypnosis works with our sub-conscious on a different level that regression does. We are not interacting with one another, as we do in the other regression work; however you are also totally in control. We will have a session prior to the Hypnosis session, where I gather important information relevant to your concern. This information will then be woven into a script which will be recorded and for you to take home. This process will also take place over several weeks to be most effective.

As you can see, Hypnosis has nothing to do with stage Hypnosis, where the participant is lead to believe that they are under the control of the Hypnotist. Let me tell you at this stage: This is not true. Nobody can make anybody do things against their will in Hypnosis. The sub-conscious is very strong and alert and would not let it happen.

Jungian Astrology: I follow the concept of Jungian Astrology, as it works with archetypal images, like the regression work does. It is easier for the mind to understand and accept and deep insides can be gained.

We can see what roles we play in different circumstances and what significants they have for us. Our star sign for example is commonly our sun sign and also signifies our father in our chart (for women also the qualities she would like to have in the man she marries). The moon sign is our inner child, our mother figure (and for men the woman they feel drawn to).

The planets are dancing with one another and make up the whole of you. The person you have chosen to be.

I provide a written analysis in combination with an hour session.

Counselling: Please visit my website for this information & www.pathways–to-

About me:

My life’s journey has brought me to Australia, where I bought up 2 lovely young men. Being involved as a teacher in Waldorf education has always made me wonder how one can help people with deep challenges.

I was introduced as a fourteen year old to the concept of Regression Work in Germany, where I saw a man called Thorwald Detlefson performing Past Life Regression with 3 women and different ailments. I was so impressed, that I knew then that my path would lead me to similar work eventually. 

Qualifications: I have a Masters in Counselling and Education, a diploma in Past-Life-Regression, Hypnosis and Life-Between-Lives obtained with the Spiritual past Life regression Institute in Dorsett England.

My teachers were Andy Tomlinson (who trained with Brian Weiss and Roger J. Woolger. He has written several books and trains in the U.K, Australia as well as the States) as well as Reena his wife and Tony Collins.

I also have a level 3 in Aura-Soma, and a post graduate degree in working with children with behaviour and learning difficulties.



$200 Per session

Spiritual Counselling, Past life regression, Life Between Lives regression, Childhood Regression, Current life Regression, Spirit Clearing and Chakra Balancing .Massage


  • Master In Counselling
  • Master In Education

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