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Infant Massage
Member since
Mar 2018

Peek-a-Boo Infant Massage

Contact Name Peek-a-Boo Infant Massage Pare
Mobile 0408 327 396
Address Prendwick Way
Willetton WA 6155
Servicing Areas Perth Western Australia

Having had 3 years’ experience in teaching infant massage along with the backing of my 40 year nursing career, I can confidently say am your Paediatric Touch Specialist.

If your baby has issues with sleeping, trouble with wind, colic, constipation or even reflux, you need to book an Infant Massage Course with Peek-a-Boo Infant Massage, so we can assist in getting the problems sorted. For children with Special needs and parents with twins etc I offer private sessions directed at their unique issues.

If you massage your baby, even for a short time, daily using the instructions you will learn, your little one will benefit by gaining relief. Along the way your child and yourself will gain an emotional dance which will be with you each for life.

Infant Massage

Sleeping problems - your baby requires to learn the art of sleep which doesn’t come naturally. By introducing baby massage, you will help your baby to relax & feel safe firstly. The effect of touch on baby’s skin creates the release of all the happy hormones, one of which is Melatonin. This is our body’s natural sleeping assistant. Over time, your baby will begin to sleep longer and deeper.

Crying – so sad when you experience your baby crying excessively or at all. Try massaging baby giving a sense of comfort and  to understand that you are aware baby is uncomfortable. Endorphins are released during any massage on your baby’s skin, which will help relieve pain.

Constipation, wind, colic & reflux - if crying is due to wind, colic or constipation & even reflux, you will learn a sequence of massage strokes which will enhance the activity of the vagal nerve helping the bowel to release such a painful build up. Come to the course to gain this sequence to help you and your baby.

Some of the Benefits

  • Massaging your baby is a beautiful & loving way to begin a lifelong emotional dance & relationship between you & your baby.

  • Massage is a form of touch, which is just as important as food to your baby.

  • Bringing together loving touch and social interaction.

  • Massaging your baby is an ideal and enjoyable way of encouraging both physical and emotional development
    Helps to strengthen and regulate your baby’s primary systems ( i.e. respiratory, circulatory, nervous, muscular and digestive, enhances immune system ).

  • Reduces gas and colic allowing your baby to sleep better.

  • Helps to relax your baby and releases the tension of daily stimuli.

Infant Massage Instruction Courses provided:

  1. Pregnant Parent - great to learn having the ability to offer massage safely from birth.

  2. Mum's & Bub's - best to start after 6 weeks of age, once you have passed the first weeks of your new life role.

  3. Parents 2gether - great to learn together gaining a strong parental confidence.

  4. Dad's & Dudes - brilliant for Dad's to gain a better bond between you &your child.

  5. Private Sessions - for parents of children with special needs or multiple birth families. Will travel to you with added travel costs.

  6. Information Sessions - for groups such as Mother's Groups, at Libraries or Day-care Centres and other groups.

  7. Adult Massage available for Mum's / Dad's after each session by Nikki of Relax & Refresh form $40 for 30mins. I will care for your baby during your much needed massage, then both Mum & Bub go home relaxed.

  8. Also morning / afternoon tea available for a gold coin donation.

Weekly 1 hour sessions over 4 weeks:

Session 1

  • Discuss of gaining permission and how

  • Discuss types of massage strokes

  • Legs and Feet

  • Buttocks

  • Incorporation stroke

  • Discuss best baby massage oils to use and why

  • Best time to do massage on your baby

  • Questions / discussion

Session 2

  • Revision of session 1

  • Abdomen Massage

  • Incorporation Stroke

  • Chest Massage

  • Arm and Hand massage

  • Various positions to use when massaging your baby

  • Questions / discussion

Session 3

  • Revision of session 1 & 2

  • Facial Massage

  • Head Massage

  • Back Massage with hold & rock

  • Incorporation stroke

  • Show your baby how they are growing

  • Colic, wind & constipation sequence

  • Questions / discussion

Session 4

  • Revision of sessions 1, 2 & 3

  • Lymphatic Exercises

  • Massage for the older child

  • Benefits of massage

  • Contraindications

  • Questions / discussion


Qualification Details

  • Infant Massage Instructor – enables me to teach parents and other care givers how to safely use massage on their baby with all the benefits.
  • Additional Needs Unit 1: Autismit is important to have these children learn to be able accept touch in both an upward and downward direction.
  • Additional Needs Unit 3: Downs Syndromethese children are extremely open and we need to give them the ability to become more centred in life.
  • Additional Needs Unit 4: Asthmamassaging is exceptional beneficial for stimulating the lungs to enable deep breathing thus reducing mucus build-up.
  • CPD Series 3: Understanding Preterm Babiesit has been proven to assist with growth, and to strengthen lung development also immunity .
  • CPD Series 4: Infant feeding & common digestive complaints
    the first 6 months - Babies with these issues need massage to simulate the vagus nerve which is directly impacted on the whole digestive system
  • Registered NurseI have been a Registered Nurse for 40 years working in many areas.
  • ABC Plus Baby Clinic and Adult Clinic Nurse - here I assist parents with seeing their baby’s growth through weight, length and head measurements. Also offer any advice required. Preventative and ongoing health managements for adults. All attended to within Pharmacies.
  • Business Owner for 3 years
  • Dog SitterWe have commenced this beautiful work since January 2018 and have already achieved a Preferred Sitter, Reliable sitter and 5 other required badges


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