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  Mind, body, feelings and spirit are fully acknowledged.

Margaret Bailitis - Psychosynthesis Counselling

Focus areas

Self-confidence Growth Anxiety Forgiveness Well-being Love

What is Psychosynthesis Counselling?

Psychosynthesis counselling is recognised worldwide as ‘psychology with a soul’. It integrates the best that western psychology has to give combined with eastern spiritual practices, theories and techniques such as meditation, mindfulness and visualisation.

Psychosynthesis takes on a holistic approach to healing and incorporates an exploration of the emotional, physical, social, psychological, spiritual and ecological elements and influences on wellbeing and health.

By paying close attention to what is directly happening to us we have the ability to use the symptoms of the mind, body and feelings to discover long repeated obstructive patterns. Utilising gentle and creative techniques will result in healing and awareness, utilising your own deeper inner knowledge.

How does Psychosynthesis Counselling work?

    • When you are shown how to correctly listen and relax to the messages from your body symptoms and feelings, you are then able to find the underlying cause of what has been troubling you.
    • Gentle methods are utilised to assist you to connect with your own solutions which can enable you to come back to your original authentic self.
    • The effective steps to healing will bring about a change in your life and make it easier to make decisions with increased confidence.


    • Experience a safe space to explore your inner and outer worlds.
    • Heal from early childhood trauma and abuse.
    • Increase self-esteem and self-confidence.
    • Discover deeper value, purpose and meaning in your life.
    • Create a range of coping and life skills.
    • Be free to choose what you really want in your life.
    • Find freedom from self-destructive thoughts and behaviours.
    • Build a strong foundation for a healthy relationship with yourself and others.
    • Explore ways to express your authentic self.
    • Reduce anxiety by developing mindfulness in your daily life.
    • Feel whole and at peace within yourself.

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