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As our lifestyles continually change and the amount of processed and refined foods in our diets is increasing, colonic hydrotherapy is a great way to make sure our digestive tracts have the chance to be detoxified, invigorated and ready to digest and absorb essential nutrients. Call Raewynn to schedule your treatment today!

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When Raewynn was a child, her mother turned to natural therapies to improve her bowel problems. 

Because of this, she and her family chose therapeutic treatments based on natural remedies, and she started her career in this field.

Since 2013, Raewynn has assisted many people in restoring their health through colon hydrotherapy.

Today, Peninsula Colon Health has multiple treatment options available to rid the body of accumulated toxic waste and personal pollutants.

At Peninsula Colon Health, they specialise in colon hydrotherapy and irrigation, coffee & probiotic implants, the detox sauna, and ionic foot detox spas.

Services Offered

Colon Hydrotherapy

This relaxing and rejuvenating treatment restores the digestive system's normal function after it has been negatively affected by stress, dehydration, lack of fibre, parasites or poor diet.

In this procedure, a gentle infusion of water is administered through the rectum into the colon.

Colonics are also useful for restoring inner balance and well-being, and they are an integral part of any detoxification or weight-loss program.

On your first visit, Peninsula Colon Health will discuss your health and the reasons for doing colonics to tailor a program only for you. 

Your first appointment will take approximately 75 minutes; while the subsequent session takes around 60 minutes.

Detox Sauna

With an Infrared Detox Sauna, infrared light is used to create deeply penetrating heat, at a wavelength that the human body can absorb. 

During infrared therapy, the skin excretes toxins through sweat while the cells release toxins stored within them. 

You may find that it takes some time to induce a deep sweat if your body is not accustomed to perspiring. 

This is normal and shows your body is preparing to do its job.

A 40-minute infrared sauna session is a simple and non-toxic way to detoxify the body and skin. 

Regular sessions can improve your immune system, boost your metabolism, and help you lose weight.

Detox Foot Spa

Foot detox is an effective way to balance and stimulate the bioenergetic fields of your body, improving organ function and facilitating detoxification.

In your 30-minute detoxification footbath session, the water's colour will change as you soak your feet. 

Because of its ionic salt content, water becomes magnetised and the magnetic field is picked up by body fluids, extending up the body. 

During the treatment process, electro-magnetic energy stimulates the foot’s many reflex zones.

As a result, waste products and residues are mobilised, along with a stimulation of the organs responsible for draining and removing harmful substances.

Testimonials from previous clients of Peninsula Colon Health:

“Highly Recommend Raewynn, very professional and made my first colonic experience welcoming and comfortable! Not sure what I would do without her, she’s a life saver ☺️🥰” - Olivia Condick

“I had no idea how beneficial this treatment was. Highly recommend.. just because we don’t see our colon doesn’t mean to say it doesn’t matter. A healthy colon is a healthy u.” - Vanessa Toovey

“Raewynn is the best therapist i'v ever had nothing is to hard for her i'v had serious bowel problems and Raewynn has gone above and beyond to help me I'm a customer for life and would advise anyone to go and have a colonic with Raewynn 🌹🌹🌹🌹” - Joanne Kennedy

“There is a great variety of treatments to assist with your health. Very passionate to your health and well being AND the sauna is amazing.” - Maddy Green

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