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Peninsula Colon Health

Raewynn Black

Suite 3
188 Humphries Rd
Mount Eliza VIC 3930

Peninsula Colon Health
Colon Hydrotherapy is a proven and tested method of cleansing the body of toxic waste material.

Peninsula Colon Health


The therapist is very knowledgeable in colon health; the premises are very clean and comfortable. I have had great success with my treatments and believe it is very beneficial to my overall health.
Helen Vic

After a major operation I developed stomach pains, back pain and sleepless nights. After undergoing medial investigations to identify any associated issues I then developed severe constipation which added to my health issues. After a series of colonic hydrotherapy treatments I am happy to report that many of the symptoms I was experiencing have been relieved. I am now sleeping more soundly, have improved bowel function, no more lower back pain or abdominal or stomach pain. Colon hydrotherapy has been extremely beneficial. The therapist is very professional and makes you feel at ease with the procedure.
Heather F
Mornington Peninsula

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Qualification Details

Raewynn trained in nutritional healing in the Uk and through that work has become to understand the importance of keeping the bowel clean. She trained at Australian Colon Health and worked their for a period of time before opening the clinic in Mt Eliza.

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