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Tai chi has slowly moved into the western world for a very good reason, the gentle way of movement without any pain, is not only good for everyone, but it allows people who are overcoming injuries, health ailments arthritis, stroke, broken bones, mental health, ptsd, to do exercise that is manageable.

Being a slow moving exercise tai chi strengthens muscles bones regulates the internal organs and strengthens the mind, slowing down the breathing strengthens the lungs and helps with anxiety, lowers cholesterol, and helps with high blood pressure.

Using the body in a harmonious way with the mind brings thought and action together, this action alone allows you the rest from the demands of everyday living and stresses you may be experiencing, tai chi is also a system of martial art and a curative part of chinese medicine, the more people that do tai chi the less load on the health system, western doctors are now recommending tai chi as part of recovery programs for physical and mental health, which is music to my ears, having been a tai chi practitioner for over 30 years, and seeing the proof of good health and balance of mind and body in body in myself and others over the years, it's great to know that this beautiful ancient system of health is now a recognised form of wellbeing that suits young and old tai chi literally means the "great ultimate" the practice of daily living.

The yin and yang of life, the ever changing polarities of our existence, night and day, warm and cold seasons changing in cycles always opposite and always harmonizing the yin and yang of life, continually striving for balance and harmony,

Our bodies have an internal energy called chi, this is stored in the dan tien, in the lower abdomen, [1 1/3 below the navel] chi gives us energy, this energy runs through the meridian channels throughout the body and helps us to keep our health and vitality, when when we are born we have chi in abundance, and as we age it declines, with the regular practice of tai chi we are able to we replenish our chi flow we allow our lives to be richer in energy,and keep illness away, tai chi enhances the flow of chi and discourage any blockage in the body.

More benefits that come from regular tai chi practice

  • increases flexibility

  • moving meditation

  • improves concentration

  • strengthen bones and muscle

  • improves digestion

  • reduces stress

  • better quality sleep

  • improves mind focus

  • self defence

  • improve heart and lung function

Regular practice is essential for the tai forms, as each form is different, and learning slowly and methodically is the key to learning and understanding this beautiful art, rushing anything in tai chi defeats the purpose of this gentle and wonderful exercise called tai chi, which has been practiced by the chinese for hundreds of years.

If you are you looking for an exercise, that's not the gym or jogging, maybe tai chi is the right fit for you.

I highly recommend this form of exercise for anyone who is wanting to live a life of good health and mental wellbeing

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