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Perfect Harmony

Perfect Harmony’s caring, friendly, professional and experienced natural therapists can help meet your special needs for your Corporate Wellness Day.

Perfect Harmony
offers a range of packages which can be tailored made to suit the unique needs of each client, their employees, suppliers, customers, colleagues and friends.

Perfect Harmony


  • To improve harmony, increase performance and profit levels in your workplace?
  • For a wellness program for staff?
  • To give staff Incentives/rewards/boost morale?
  • To give a unique Christmas gift?
  • To give suppliers and customers a special gift?
  • For new ideas for Fundraising?
  • To add value to Conferences/Seminars?

  • Perfect Harmony offers a range of modalities for both Business and Corporate Sectors:

  • Reflexology: Is a safe effective specialised form of massage. Reflexology points are located on the hands and feet that correspond to all of the bodies glands, organs and body parts. Working these reflex points improves circulation and nerve supply and helps balance the body.

  • Massage: Corporate massage is a fully clothed, non-oil based treatment. Massage therapists work down the shoulders, neck, arms and hands whilst the client remains seated.

  • Iridology: Iridology screening is informative, non-invasive and painless. An iridologist studies the coloured portion of the eye called the iris (each iris is as individual as a fingerprint with no two eyes alike) by using a magnifying glass which has a small torch attached to it, allowing for a clear view of the iris.

  • Cellular age assessment: This is a test to find out your personal Biological Age and learn which Bio markers of ageing you should be working on to improve your health and increase your vitality. This test is performed with an assessment tool called a Bio–Impedance Analyser (BIA), it measures and calculates a range of body parameters determine your health status (generally taken annually).

  • Zinc testing: Zinc is very important in our diet and for our general health. It is vital to the growth and repair of all tissues in the body. It assists with the activity of a variety of hormones and it plays a key role in the immune system. With a 10 – 15 sec taste test, it can be determined whether or not you are low in this very important trace mineral (common zinc deficiency example indicators: poor wound healing, low immune system and reduced sense of taste and smell).

  • Looking to spoil your family, friends or yourself???

    Perfect Harmony’s caring, professional, fully qualified and experienced natural therapists can help you meet your special needs, whether you’re:

  • Ready to pamper yourself or your loved ones
  • Looking for a special gift that truly shows you care…
  • Searching for a unique idea for a Hen’s Party
  • Wanting to gain professional qualifications, or learn about natural therapies from recognised experts?
  • Perfect Harmony offers a flexible approach to meeting clients needs regarding Health and Well-being at the clients location.

    Lyn Fava (Managing Director - Perfect Harmony Group Pty Ltd) Private Clinic - Werribee Vic
    Principal Australian School of Reflexology & Relaxation (ASRR), Advanced Certificate of Reflexology, Cert IV in Training and Assessment. Registered nurse (Div 2), Member RAoA, MIIR, ANF, Rotary.

    Lyn's private clinic offers:
  • Reflexology: Melt into an aromatic footbath, unwind and get transported to another plain with Lyn's unique treatment including face and head massage. Reflexology eases aches, pains and brings a balance to your body as tension is released through the feet using specialised massage techniques. Discover the root cause of your dis-eases and learn strategies to unblock the processes that continue to sabotage your health and lifestyle, empowering you to be the person you want to be.
  • Ear Candling: With aid of Hopi Ear Candling, unwind with an Indian head massage. Effectively relax all the muscles of your face, head and neck, freeing the body to gently release excess wax, dirt and toxins from the ear canal and sinus cavities.

  • Gift Certificates available: Pamper yourself or your loved ones, a personal gift to show you care.

  • By appointment only Mondays and Thursdays: 10am - 6pm ph: 03 9731 1632

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