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Calm and clear your mind with the slow and deep stretching routines at Perfectly Balanced Life’s Yoga Classes. Call Karen to book a class today!

Slow Stretch, Balance, Traditional Yoga Classes

Perfectly Balanced Life Yoga Classes

Slow Stretch and Balance Yoga Class

This class begins with centering yourself to the present moment through mindfulness meditation.

Followed by a flowing series of deep stretching postures on the floor. You’ll use a variety of props like blocks, bolsters, pillows, and ropes to allow the body to be comfortable in the pose, sinking deeper breathing life into tight spaces. 

Once warmed up, you’ll transition to standing postures where you’ll focus on building a strong foundation to hold and balance these poses.   

You’ll finish the class with a soothing and healing savasana and body scan. 

This routine is ideal for all levels; you can use it as a warm up sequence prior to any sport or to simply energize the body with minimal movement.

Classical Yoga

Traditional or Classical Yoga is based on the use of the 8 limbs--Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi. Each one is different but all are equally important. 

Classes include warming and loosening poses, mindful breathing and meditation, and deep relaxation poses. 

Props like blocks, bolsters, and ropes are available for you to use. All students are encouraged to work at their own pace and level and modify the poses based on your limitations.

This class will help you build strength & stamina, improve balance and flexibility, and develop mindfulness. 

Classes run for 1 hour and 15 minutes and are in 10-week terms:

  • Term 2 (10 Weeks): April 19th to June 25th 2021 
  • Term 3 (10 Weeks): July 12th to Sept 17th 2021
  • Term 4 (10 Weeks): Oct 4th to Dec 10th 2021 


  • Monday 
    • 6:30 pm General Yoga Class 
    • 8:00 pm Beginners & General Yoga Class    
  • Wednesday 
    • 6:30 pm Beginners & General Yoga Class 
    • 8:00 pm Meditation Course
  • Thursday 
    • 6:30 pm Slow Stretch and Balance Yoga Class

Students and Pensioners get 10% Discount for ongoing classes. 

Stretch and breathe while you bask in the beautiful mountain ranges of the Dandenong’s. Limited participants for each class, book today!

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