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Performance in Health

Tanya Edwards

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Performance in Health

Feel your best by ensuring optimal health and well-being.

Inner West Naturopath: Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Lifestyle

Naturopath Services Offered

Our Naturopath services aim for a common purpose: to make sure you feel the best in life. In order to ensure optimal health, we are pleased with our integrated approach to health and well-being. 

We will examine various ways to deal with your issues, that can be easily integrated into your busy lifestyle during our consultations.


We trust in the medicinal use of food, which is why nutrition is at the center of our naturopathic services. As part of our naturopathic services, any nutritional deficiencies are reviewed with specific prescribed dietary changes that are unique to each person. Sometimes, additional therapy such as minerals and vitamins is necessary for certain deficiencies. 

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is a method that we use for our naturopathic treatments that utilise the natural healing properties of plants for the purposes of medicines. We use both acute and chronic herbal medicine and recommend each patient on the basis of the present symptoms and underlying causes.

Food Allergies & Intolerances 

A wide array of symptoms and disturbances, including asthma, hives, arthritis, IBS, skin conditions, fatigue, leaky gut, mood disorders, and even behavioural problems are responsible for food allergies and intolerances. In order to truly understand the foods that cause symptoms, we use both the IgE food allergy test and IgG IgA test as part of our naturopathic procedures and block the way to better health.

Lifestyle Coach 

We’re moving a step further than recommending and submitting a diet and herbal remedies plan to help your path to optimal health. As your coach, we’re partnering with you on this journey and working together to find out what’s most important to you, what you’re happy to do and what’s realistic about your current way of life. 

Functional Pathology 

We may request specialised pathology tests for further research into the underlying cause of various health concerns as part of our naturopath treatments. For problems such as parasitic infections, hormonal imbalances, liver issues, gastrointestinal, food supply and the analysis of toxic metals, we use pathology.

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