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Personal Success and Development Pty Ltd

Alice Ntobedzi

Melbourne VIC 3000

Personal Success and Development Pty Ltd
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Personal Success and Development Pty Ltd

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Come along and discover what it means to be empowered as quickly as possible and in a highly enjoyable way.

A little about Alice Ntobedzi

Alice is the principal practitioner and the founding owner of Personal Success and Development. Alice is a certified life coach, psychologist (with over 12 years experience) and an international best-selling author. She has a notable passion for understanding human behaviour. Her areas of interest include relationship and love coaching. She enjoys studying topics including cognitive neuroscience, emotional intelligence, human potential and personal growth. 

Throughout her career, she has worked with individual clients coming to her with varied relationship challenges. She works one-to-one with clients. Specifically, she helps those:

  • recovering from a relationship breakup. 

  • who wish to overcome barriers to finding lasting love having previously struggled with securing a long-term relationship.

  • already in a relationship but have not been able to move through crucial psychological and emotional shifts they need to enjoy a rewarding relationship.

Discover the principles and tools that can help you breakthrough your current relationship obstacles.

Our Purpose, Vision and Mission

Our purpose is to assist you in reaching individual success by living and thinking creatively.

Our vision is to inspire 1 million people all over the world to align with authentic versions of themselves, be a success and associate with a community of other like-minded people.

Our mission is to provide education for self-growth for all and continue to evolve and to become a world industry leader in mentoring programs, personal development programs and online resources.

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Qualification Details

BA (Hons); Mpsych (Clinical)
Certified Life Coach.

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