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Peter Warrener Chiropractic Clinic


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Chiropractic is a professional, valuable and natural treatment option to improve your quality of life


Our clinic is fully compliant with the current recommended CoVid guidelines in our reception area and treatment rooms. 

We do provide hand sanitizer for patient use before their treatment.

We will be asking all patients screening questions prior to making appointments. 

For added protection for all, Peter is wearing a protective mask during all consultations with patients and we request all patients wear a protective mask upon entering our clinic.

Some people believe that Chiropractic treatment only looks after your spine. Not at all. Chiropractic involves the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of injuries across your whole body, extending to the limbs, shoulders, knees and even jaw complaints.

Dr. Peter Warrener has Chiropractic in his blood; he is a second generation family chiropractor with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Chiropractic) from RMIT University. For over 15 years, Peter partnered with his father Allan Warrener in their various Melbourne clinics, before relocating his practice to Moonee Ponds in 2001.
Peter has also worked as a clinical educator to senior chiropractic students at RMIT University.  This has kept him up to date with any current trends, developments or research associated with chiropractic.

Peter is a registered member of the Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA) and Chiropractic Australia.

What can you expect from Peter Warrener Chiropractic Clinic?

Peter Warrener is a practitioner who strongly believes in treating each patient as an individual so you can be assured your care will be specific to your needs. Peter has a varied patient base of male and female adults, with some patients in their 90's.  He also treats pregnant women and children aged from 4 years onwards. However Peter does not treat infants and toddlers.

The initial consultation of one hour includes taking a comprehensive medical history and assessment of your presenting complaint and if clinically indicated, x ray referrals are bulk billed. Your necessary treatment will be explained to you in detail and your consent taken. You will always receive treatment at your consultations.

Peter uses a wide range of treatment options which include manual and low force spinal adjustments, soft tissue massage and ultrasound therapy. Postural advice, exercises, preventative and lifestyle strategies are also considered for your ongoing well being.

We respect your privacy and provide you with private treatment rooms, clinic gowns when required and you can feel safe knowing your personal details and health information are treated with utmost confidentiality. No information is released to any third party providers without your consent, including other health professionals.

An area of special interest to Peter is the feet. Since 2001 he has provided custom-made foot orthotics (shoe inserts/supports) to patients who suffer from leg or foot difficulties. Because Peter custom makes the orthotics himself, his prices are fair and reasonable.
Many structural problems in the feet can have a profound effect on existing leg or back complaints so recognition of such foot problems is essential.

Treatment is also available for specific foot problems such as plantar fascitis, tendonitis and heel spurs which may be required in conjunction with foot orthotics.
Peter has also lectured on orthotics and biomechanics to senior chiropractic students at RMIT University.

The majority of private health funds recognise Peter Warrener Chiropractic Clinic as a provider of foot orthotics, which allows the benefit of a rebate on the total cost of orthotics.

An information brochure outlining the one hour orthotic consultation is available on request.
And for people who enjoy wearing thongs and open style sandals during the warmer months, this clinic sells orthotic based flip flops for added foot support.

Our clinic also stocks chiropractic pillows for all the family to suit individual needs.

Our Commitment to You

You can be assured that with Peter’s many years of experience in both private practice and at university you will be in safe hands and given quality individualized care.

Private Health Insurance Details and Payment Options

Our clinic has EFTPOS and HICAPS facilities available. The HICAPS system allows patients with private health cover to claim their consultation rebate at the time of payment. We are also able to process Medicare Referral rebates at the time of consultations.

Higher Rebate for BUPA Members

Peter is a Member’s Choice provider for BUPA which means members consultation fees are less and they may receive a higher rebate from BUPA for Peter’s services and therefore have less out of pocket expense.


Consultations are available by appointment only, on the following days;

Monday - 8.30am to 5.30pm

Tuesday - 8.30am to 11.30am (Reception only)

Wednesday - 1pm to 7pm (Reception opens from 8.30am to 11.30am)

Thursday - 8.30am to 5.30pm

Friday - 8.30am to 11.30am (Reception only)

Saturday - 8.30am to 1pm

Consultation Fees

Initial Chiropractic Consultation (1 hour) Medical history taken, examination and treatment. $110.00  (BUPA fee $87.00)

Extended Chiropractic Consultation (25/30 min) examination and treatment. $85.00  (BUPA fee $64.00)

Standard Chiropractic Consultation (15/20 min.) examination and treatment $65.00 (BUPA fee $58.00)

Orthotic Consultation (1 hour) medical history taken, examination and orthotic fitting (if orthotics required). $110.00 (BUPA fee $87.00)

For all enquiries about your chiropractic and orthotic needs, please call our clinic on 9326.2424

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