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Apr 2018

Pet Readings and Healing

Contact Name Meg Masters
Mobile 0481 170 863
Address Brisbane QLD 4000
Servicing Areas Servicing all areas

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Pet Readings and Healing

About Me

Hello, my name is Meg and I am a compassionate animal healer. I have always had a love for animals so I feel blessed I am able to help them as I do. 

For over 10 years I have been helping owners and their pets by "reading" the messages animals communicate to me.  I am able to tune in and discover what is making them feel unhappy, unwell, troubled or even why they are displaying "naughty behaviour".  I am able to bring you and your pet peace by helping them to heal.

I am an Earth 2 Essences practitioner and these beautiful and powerful, yet gentle essences greatly assist me in the healing process.  Animals respond incredibly well to their power and enjoy working with them as much as I do.

If you have a pet who is troubled, but you are unsure where to turn, please call or email me today.

How I Work

All I require is a photograph of your pet that you can message to me via your smart phone, or email, depending on your preference.  I am then able to read your pet and determine what their problem could be.  I require a photo where they are looking towards the camera so that I can tune in to them: as long as they are looking in the direction of the camera that is enough.  If they are not looking directly at the camera this is still okay.

They say "the eyes are the windows to the soul" and in my case I have found this to be definitely true.

I often begin to have "conversations" with them and when I understand what the problem is I can begin the healing process.  This is where the beautiful Earth 2 Essences come in.  They are able to be used etherically on your pet (and on any living creature) and I am able to determine which essences they require so that the healing process can begin.  When I work with you and your pet I tune in each day and after the healing session I will send you an email outlining what I have found.  This process continues until I have uncovered all I can and I include healing sessions with each process I complete.  There is no extra charge for any additional healing sessions I do and I will continue until I feel they are on their way to being the happiest, and most settled they can be.

This process brings you, and your pet, peace and joy.  It is always wonderful to see your pet living to their fullest potential, and being happy.  This is truly what we all want for our pets because every pet deserves to be happy.


The service I provide includes the initial reading of your pet, the healing session I perform using the beautiful Earth 2 Essences, and the written report to you.  In some cases I may need to work with animals over several days (occasionally several weeks) and there is no additional charge for this service. The complete cost of my services is $110.  After each session I will email you with my findings. I am committed to helping you and your pet reach its full potential and I will work with them until I feel I have done all that I can to help them.


"In 2017 we agreed to look after a neighbour’s dog. They were emigrating to the UK and would fly Meka when they were able to do so. Meka is a very sensitive dog and soon after her owners flew out she started displaying behaviour that was totally out of context for her. My friend recommended we chat to Meg and the transformation began. Meka went from a visibly unhappy dog to one full of fun, no longer displaying the many stress health issues. After 4 months it was time for Meka to fly to the UK but not yet to be re-united with her family. She was fetched from Customs by her owner, then taken to a new temporary home - a loving family whom she had never met. Meg communicated with Meka all the while, explaining the situation and working through any fears and uncertainty which Meka brought to Meg’s attention. I subsequently received beautiful photos and a video of Meka with her new family and was very relieved to see her displaying affectionate behaviour normally reserved for people she really likes. Such a happy environment and a happy Meka. Meg not only helped Meka, she helped me as well. I was able to cope with all the stress that I suspected would be part of Meka's journey. Not long to go before Meka can finally be living with her true family! Thank you so much Meg for caring and helping us all. Tessa H"

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